TomTom Go Supreme 6 Inch GPS Navigation Device Review

TomTom Go Supreme 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device is a good option for people who want a device that’s not too expensive but still has a lot of features. The TomTom Go Supreme 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device is a well-designed device with features that are well-thought-out and useful, which gives it an edge over other, more expensive navigation devices in the market.

This product may be ideal for someone who wants to see their route on a map in advance but does not want to spend extra money for specific features such as live traffic updates, voice commands, or live maps.

Best Buy Has Honest and Unbiased Customer Reviews on TomTom – 6″ GO Supreme GPS with Built-in Bluetooth, Lifetime Map Updates, and Lifetime Traffic.

Get detailed instructions and updated maps with this 6-inch tomtom go comfort Supreme handheld GPS. Detailed traffic alert maps help you get to your destination quickly and trips are automatically saved so you can easily customize routes or share them with other TomTom users. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily download the latest maps with this 6-inch TomTom Go Supreme portable GPS.

I would warn you about buying this device as it has everything the needful GIS features of GPS Navigation. I would not abandon any attributes, such as Text-to-Speech, Lane Guidance, HOV, Point of Interest, and HELP! For instance, would choose the TomTom Go Supreme 6 Inch GPS Navigation Device as it runs short speech to text.

GPS TomTom 620 – 6 Inch GPS Navigation Device

GPS TomTom 620 - 6 Inch GPS Navigation Device

Product Feature

  • 6-inch touchscreen display for easy viewing and interaction
  • Preloaded high-definition maps of more than 220 countries and millions of points of interest
  • Voice-guided turn-by-turn directions to your destination
  • Live Services feature for real-time traffic information, speed camera locations, and fuel prices
  • Automatic rerouting to avoid traffic jams or other delays
  • Lifetime map updates so your maps are always current
  • Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your smartphone for updates and sharing locations
  • Traffic Sign Recognition that recognizes speed limit and overtaking signs
  • Lane Guidance to notify you which lane to be in for upcoming turns and exits
  • Detailed junction views with 3D images of complex interchanges
  • Speed camera and danger zone alerts to help stay out of trouble
  • Touchpad, 4-way controller pad, and microphone for convenient interaction options
  • Full backup before an update to retain your data in case of issues

Advantages of Portable GPS car navigation system

  1. In normal rural driving, I never lost a satellite signal. It uses around 30-55 seconds to search for a signal on a start position, which is normal time the same as any other GPS, I ever used.
  2. The routing is good and led me to the point where I tried to go. And it is able to recalculate moderately fast when I go wrong, and then report a corrected route immediately.
  3. The device is very compact and virtually suits with a shirt pocket. I see this as a great travel device.
  4. You can charge this unit via computer or a USB charger – a wonderful choice if it is not used in a TomTom GO Supreme car.
  5. Change volume with one touch. Only click and drag, you do not have to click a divide OK button.
  6. The new greatest feature of this device is the Demo mode. Just type your destination and then it will reproduce a drive to that point. This feature worked very well when I have to tell everyone how to go to any place.
  7. A speed limit caution beeps for you when you drive over your setting driving speed, or if they have the maximum speed for a road. Regrettably, I only get it to caution me on the throughway. Anyway, Garmin Nuvi works great even though on vicinity streets.
  8. There are many security functions that can be activated – for instance, the warning when you are close to an academy or place of worship. I’m also not sure about the usefulness of this feature, but it’s absolutely an amusing feature.
  9. Provides a wide range of colors by day and night displays. I went with the default settings that are more sufficient. In particular, the night display’s views are obvious and simple to read.
  10. Points of Interest are adjustable. Truly many things in this unit are user-adjustable (including speed limits on roads, road names, etc.).
  11. Lifetime Map Updates


  1. The display of real property is very cramped. Once you factor in all the “avionics”, the map display ends up being cramped. I favor the roomier GPS Tomtom 620. However, I couldn’t keep 1440 in a shirt pocket.
  2. In my utilization, I usually depend on great voice reminders. The TomTom Go Supreme 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device can be either a “human” or a “computer” sound. This selection is an issue for me in that one voice can talk about the name of roads while the other could not. It’s difficult to assume why the mechanics felt that this selection was essential, particularly since the TTS feature loses its worth when the name of the street couldn’t be spoken. And, figure on the sound I chose, the device differed from feet (that I love) to yards (which I have to psychically convert).
  3. The device does not automatically turn on when the car is started, or turn off when the TomTom GO Supreme car is turned off. This is bad.
  4. Magellan Lane Assist is more instructive. At most major interchanges it cautions me about driving in the right lane. The 140-S seems to happen only if it believes that there is a likelihood of misunderstanding. I need extra advice, especially when going to an unknown city.
  5. The display screen is hard to see in the sunlight.
  6. The Point of Interest database is very imperfect. I couldn’t find a simple place such as Best Buy Amazon TomTom Car GPS Go Supreme Court.

Features of GPS TomTom Go Supreme 6

GPS Maps Info and Update

Update your maps for free Pre-loaded maps of North America, Canada, Europe, Africa, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, and South Asia can be updated at any time for free.

Features of GPS TomTom Go Supreme 6

6-inch color display

For easy navigation of settings and functions

Connect your device via USB and Wi-Fi interfaces

Easily connect it to your computer, smartphone, or car charger for map updates, access to real-time traffic, and more. Compatible with smartphones It connects quickly to send data directly to your device. You will receive non-transferable traffic data for this product until the product life expires (as defined in the online sales terms and conditions) or TomTom no longer receives traffic updates from its suppliers, whichever is shorter. This is not a guarantee. The full terms and conditions you must accept can be found at

Conclusion on TomTom Go Supreme 6 Review

The display screen dimension is moderately minuscule when equated to other GPS. A main deciding determinant is that you evaluate higher, portability, or usability. This unit conquers portability.