GPS Accessories - Huge Range of Accessories Review
GPS Accessories – Huge Range of Accessories Review

What are add-ons for? Simple! They provided added features. GPS accessories are none other than the add-ons which make sure that the experience with these gadgets gets a whole new dimension…

If you plan to purchase a quality GPS receiver you can be sure to get a whole range of useful accessories right in the box. Mounts and mounting hardware, USB devices, power adapters, and more are standard. But there is an array of add-on products that offer more than just eye candy to fanatic technology geeks. They actually make owning your personal navigation system a more thrilling experience.

Celestron – SkySync Telescope GPS Accessory

Celestron - SkySync Telescope GPS Accessory

Automatically Updates your Telescope with 16-channel GPS Data

  • ADD GPS FOR THE MOST ACCURATE ALIGNMENT: Upgrade your Celestron automated telescope with super exact 16-station GPS time, date, and area information.
  • Spare TIME ALIGNING YOUR SCOPE: Instead of entering the rough time, date, and area into your hand control physically, SkySync gets this data from circling worldwide situating satellites, sparing you time in the field.
  • Incredible FOR ASTROIMAGING: SkySync will improve your arrangement—a distinction you can find in your astroimages.
  • WORKS WITH YOUR EXISTING TELESCOPE: Simply plug into your hand control or any accessible AUX port on your telescope mount. Work with all non-GPS Celestron mechanized telescopes.
  • MOUNTING STRAP INCLUDED: We’ve given a convenient Velcro tie to make sure about the SkySync GPS unit to one of your telescope’s stand legs, securely far removed.

You could start with something simple, but nevertheless useful, like SkySync Telescope GPS Accessory. These clear, scratch-resistant, semi-sticky items of plastic can help protect your touch screen for months or years. If you have an auto unit, they can reduce the need to clean your screen regularly. Wipe the protector or just replace it after a while. Better still, when you have an outdoor unit, they can provide that extra layer of protection that will make your screen looking nice for years.

More than that, it’s always a good idea to have a good carrying case for your PND. Some models feature one that is as good or better than most accessories. Others will profit from a high-end add-on. Of course, if you lose the one that came with the GPS device, they’re a must. Garmin produces several for its Nuvi line. Be sure to get the right case for your model. They’re tough and many come with a belt strap or any other attachment to make carrying easy.

Usually, all GPS receivers come with one or more mounts (and hardware). But cars, motorcycles, mountain bikes, and more all come in different shapes and styles. Your mount may not be ideal for your circumstances. Also, many countries have requirements that restrict where and how you can mount your PND. Some governments forbid using the suction-cup mount that makes attachment to your car windshield a breeze.

Garmin makes a Portable Friction Beanbag Mount that works efficiently. It’s a sand-filled little unit you just set on your dash. No screws required and it is installed in a minute. That also makes it easy to take down your GPS receiver to prevent theft when you park the car. The Bracketron UFM-100-BL Nav-Mat Dash Pad is another, similar accessory. It’s weighted and has anti-skid material on the bottom so it will keep your GPS securely in place until you want to move it.

Software, maps, and other useful data are standard features of all GPS receivers on the market today. They come pre-installed/pre-loaded and the producers all offer updates and add-ons on their websites. Even so, it can be interesting to TUSITA Case Compatible with Garmin GPSMAP offered by third-party vendors.

Marine GPS devices benefit from a big range of additional BlueChart g2 extras that provide detailed information about lakes, rivers and the thousands of landmarks near waterways. East Coast, West Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, Great Lakes…. The options are endless. Garmin offers a complete range. If you can’t find what you’re looking for immediately, you probably don’t want to go there!

Take a look at improvements after you’ve used your GPS receiver for a short while. You’ll soon realize there are a number of accessories that will significantly increase the value and pleasure of using your personal GPS navigation unit.

getgear GPS Unit Case for Garmin inReach 9.7

getgear GPS Unit Case for Garmin inReach Explorer+Best Deal

  • Handheld Satellite Communicator, Built in mesh Accessory Pocket, Elastics Secure Strap
TUSITA Case for Garmin eTrex Touch 9.6

TUSITA Case for Garmin eTrex TouchBest Amazon Offer

  • Silicone Protective Cover – Handheld GPS Navigator Accessories (Black)
TUSITA Case Compatible with Garmin 9.5

TUSITA Case Compatible with Garmin
Amazon Choice

  • Case Compatible with Garmin GPSMAP 66s 66st 66sr – Silicone Protective Cover – Handheld GPS Accessories

Different Type of GPS Accessories

You might be thinking you now have all you need for GPS navigation and you would be wrong. You still need to mount and get external power to the receiver and connect the receiver to your computer.

GPS Mount –

This windshield mount works great from visibility, stability, and reception standpoints. The stalk is malleable steel so it’s extremely sturdy but easily adjustable. The suction cups hold the mount securely to the windshield but mine also rests on top of the dash. It has a quick-release feature allowing removal of the receiver for other uses.

Data/Power Cable –

A GPSR can go through 4 AA batteries pretty quickly depending on backlight settings. This cable comes with a lighter plug but is also available with bare wire ends for hard-wiring to CB posts or fuse block

Serial to USB Adapter –

Newer laptops only have one 9-pin serial port for connecting an external monitor. You can not connect your GPSR to it. You will need a serial to USB adapter cable.

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