SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, Black Review
SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, Black Review

SkyGolf’s new SkyCaddie SX500 golf GPS is the latest and greatest in golf technology. It offers a 3-D course view, yardage, and full-color screen with GPS tracking.

I wish I were a golfer! Unfortunately, I am not! One day when I was testing my expertise on this seemingly uninteresting game for a novice like me, I came across the… It is indeed a sheer piece of eye candy immersed in the serum of technology! Do I sound a bit poetic? Perhaps but I really can’t help!

My friend who was trying to teach me the ABC of the game suddenly pulled out this little device from his pocket and it seemed that the little fellow who came out of the pocket was attractive enough to grab his attention and pull it away from me! As usual, my curious ugly brain acted and my mouth responded with several questions. He gave it to me and my response was, “OUCH…It’s a feather!”

Indeed! The SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf is something that demands praise! It is one of the lightest rangefinders you will come across in this world! Surprisingly, it weighs only 3.8 oz! It is small, it is light but still, it has a fair amount of technical expertise working behind it in perfect harmony! This little fellow has actually succeeded in patenting intelligent technology! This wonderful piece of technology is actually capable of providing a vivid and wide range of features that becomes handy for the golfers and in particular, the golfers find this technology to be very helpful in measuring the full depth and the shape of the green topography of their gaming kingdom from whichever angle they choose! And guess what? This is possible on the fairway and off the fairway! That sounded impossible to me and my friend and guide took no time to give a hands-on experience of the proclaimed truth! Still, I wonder! As an added advantage, the SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, Black helps in getting the distances to the hazards and the bunkers, which appear on course!

SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS

SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, Black
  • Golf’s biggest and most splendid superior quality 5″ contact screen
  • Preloaded with more than 35, 000 of sky Golf’s ground-confirmed, blunder remedied maps for unrivaled exactness. Battery – Hi-limit battery-powered Li-Polymer battery. 12-14 hours consistent use
  • Split with incorporated targets. Essentially twofold tap or squeeze and zoom to uncover up to 40 geo-referred to targets per opening for basic distances to risks, conveys, and layups
  • Dynamic divide turns the fairway and situates the green from your present position and point of Attach as you move from the tee to the green
  • Cut the string Wi-Fi network to smooth out updates, register, and course downloads on interest. No compelling reason to interface with a PC
  • Included parts: miniature USB link, divider charger

My Findings:

Pardon me for any mistakes that I make because I am a novice in this field of gaming and the SkyCaddie SX500 Golf was nothing less than an ultimate surprise for me. Yet, being a techno freak, I figured out some interesting facts about this Golf GPS and perhaps they will entertain and help you in case you are a golfer.

The first thing I noticed was that the device called SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld GPS Golf can successfully rule out a major chunk of the guesswork from the game and help the golfers to perform better every single time!

The second thing that I found was that people are really hard working! Ahem! I am sorry but yes, it is the fact. The device does not use any satellite mapping. The SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld uses SkyCaddie human mappings for the course data. People actually go to the courses and map every single feature of every single hole hand by hand! Can you imagine that? Ah… that is unbelievable! That is not the end! The information accumulated is then passed through three rounds of valid checks and it is done for every hazard and every hole on the course! Goodness, gracious!

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Third, in line was the knowledge about the display unit of the device. Do you play golf at night? I hope not but yes, the daytime light conditions do vary depending on the weather. The manufacturers are aware of that and they gave a grayscale unit for display and they kept the unit large. This was just to ensure that the data is readable in every kind of lighting condition.

The fourth was the ease of access or the accessibility option. The user interface is really simple and the SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, Black provides single-touch controls for the users and not to mention the software packages which are extremely easy to use.

The fifth was the memory option. The GPS device is a real smart chap to me. It can hold the information of 10 courses at any given point in time and also provides an option to increase memory. Well the more you expand, the more information it holds. Simple!

The Cons of SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, Black:

Well, as every great person has a bad hidden history, every great piece of technology has a negative side too. Though unknowingly, I came across the facts, which are negative in nature.

The first negative aspect was that the device had no option for saving a particular round and analyzing the same. Some other Golf GPS systems do have this feature.

The second problem is that people complain about poor customer service. Some people faced problems with the software installation on windows PC and they never received any customer support. Awww… that can be frustrating!



SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS

If you hate flashy buttons and features, the SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS might be the best option for you but even if you do like some flashy stuff but are ready to compromise when it comes to sophisticated features with easy usage, the SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, Black has indeed no other competitor which can make you think. Now I dream of becoming a golfer just to use this BLACK HOLE of golfing technology!

Comparaison GPS table

SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, Black9.6

SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, BlackBest Offer

  • All great things if you’re serious about GPS tracking your progress and improvement.
Golf Buddy AIM V10 Golf Laser9.5

Golf Buddy AIM V10 Golf LaserEconomic offer

  • These are often used if you don’t wish to wear a separate await golf or maybe in conjunction with a rangefinder to make sure you’re hitting the right club whenever.

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