TomTom GO Discover Review - GPS Navigation Device

TomTom’s new nüvi range claims to be the world’s most advanced GPS devices, and their latest offering is no exception. The TomTom GO Discover provides a staggering amount of innovative features thanks to its built-in camera and Bluetooth support.

The GO Discover has an excellent 5″ touch screen that makes it easy to see where you are going, and the interface is smooth and easy to navigate. TomTom have included several customisable themes which you can choose from depending on how much information you want displayed on screen at any given time. It comes with free lifetime map updates for both Australia and New Zealand, so whether it’s making your way around Sydney Harbour or hiking along the Milford Track, you can rest assured that the GPS will always know where you are going.

Weighing in at a svelte 294g it is virtually weightless and fits comfortably into your pocket without weighing down on your waistline. My only gripe is that this also makes it a little too easy to misplace, particularly if you’re not used to having a GPS device and think you can just stick it in your pocket. It’s important to note that to get the most out of this GPS device, you will need to spend time setting up your Bluetooth connection with your phone, which is relatively simple if done correctly.

TomTom have included several safety features such as lane assist and junction view, which is great when you are in unfamiliar territory. The GO Discover also uses TomTom’s IQ Routes technology to provide the most efficient routes possible via motorways, backstreets and side streets. IQ Routes learns your driving habits over time, so it will start taking the fastest route every time you use it.

While the voice recognition system was a bit hit and miss at first, it did get better with practice. It can take a while for your device to register your speech so the best idea is to use the touch screen instead. The GO Discover is pretty light on its feet when it comes to battery life, which you would expect from such a small GPS gadget. When it does run low, you can easily recharge it via the USB cable or car charger.

It’s not all smooth sailing however, as some people have reported it cutting out on occasion which is frustrating when you are relying solely on its guidance to get you where you need to go. The software menus are also a little slow at times and it’s a little difficult to type in an entire address because of the small screen size.

While it might not be as feature-packed as TomTom’s portable devices, the GO Discover is a great mid-range GPS device for those who want something quick and easy to use. It’s also ideal if you want something with a few more bells and whistles than your standard GPS device, and the built-in camera makes it even more useful.