Garmin zumo 396 LMT-S GPS Motocycle Review
Garmin zumo 396 LMT-S GPS Motocycle Review

Waiting for the Garmin Zumo 396 LMT-S was a bit long but it paid off! Released nearly a year after the TomTom Rider had hit the market, the Zumo 396 LMT-S has a bit of wonderful stuff to attract your attention. I will not call myself to be a rich fellow but somehow I managed to adorn my garage with a car and a bike I have a soft corner for the boy with two wheels and love to be with him most of the time.

No! Don’t get me, wrong fellows… I was just talking about my bike. And now the Garmin Zumo 396 LMT-S has given that extra bit of gloss to my little friend and guess what, it has become a super cool dude in no time. Thanks, Garmin!

Introduction: The Benefits of Using a GPS Device on a Motorcycle

Motorcycle riding can be a very exciting and fulfilling hobby. However, it can also be challenging due to different factors such as the need to change lanes, drive safely, and navigate traffic.GPS devices help make navigation safer and easier for riders. They provide riders with the necessary information such as nearby gas stations, road hazards such as fallen trees or power lines that may hinder your movements, and even nearby motocross tracks for those who love to ride motocross bikes.

The benefits of using a GPS device on a motorcycle:

  • Stay safe: GPS devices help riders know their location and help them avoid accidents and injuries by avoiding the riskiest areas of the road
  • Save time: GPS devices allow you to quickly find gas stations along your route
  • Reduce anxiety: GPS devices allow you to get the easy and ideal way

Out of the Box:

Out of the box, the Garmin Zumo 396 LMT-S Motorcycle GPS navigation system for bikers has left a lot to be desired with other GPS systems. The surprise element was the boat-loaded box! So, here is what I found in the box:

the amount for the bikes, a plastic adhesive car mount to fix the navigation unit on the dashboard (just in case someday I have a bit more affection for my four-wheeler), black colored faceplates made of plastic (in case the gray color annoys you), car charger, a power cable which connects to the battery of the bike, an AC adapter, a USB cable to use it with the computer, tools needed for mounting the Zumo 396 LMT-S GPS on the handles of the bike, City Navigator DVD, a screwdriver for the unit’s “safety screw”, owners’ manual or Automatic Installation, quick setup guide, and some stickers.

Well, isn’t that a boatload? For me it is and I guess that same applies to you. But something I missed was a Bluetooth earpiece. But I guess that the company did a great thing by concentrating on the unit itself and not on a thing that is readily available in the market!

Garmin zumo 396 LMT-S GPS

Garmin zumo 396 LMT-S GPS

Motorcycle Garmin GPS with 4.3-inch Display

  • Cruiser route for the twisty street to experience
  • Tough, glove-inviting, Sunlight intelligible 4.3-inch show; impervious to fuel fumes, UV Rays, and cruel climate
  • Pair with a viable cell phone for hands-free calling, keen notices through the free Smartphone Link application, and effectively share GPX records for bunch rides
  • Access free Live administrations for traffic and climate utilizing the cell phone connect application
  • Garmin Adventurous Routing finds awe-inspiring or bumpy streets; limits significant expressways

Let Us See The Design:

SEXY! A silver shell along with a couple of removable caps, one placed on the top and the other at the bottom so that you can customize the design. And, this cool dude has an IPX7 standard. So, if you accidentally drop it in water, it will come out unhurt from a depth of three feet. But more than 30 minutes and better luck with a new Zumo

396 LMT-S GPS Motorcycle.

The unit possesses a sturdy shell but for added security, there is a safety screw! The screen of the unit is a bit on the smaller end with a size of 3.5 inches but is UV resistant and touch screen. It allows for choosing large icons.

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A really handy feature! You can turn on the GPS device by pressing the power button for a couple of seconds, which is placed carefully in the right-hand lower corner! Four other buttons on the left allow a plethora of functions like zoom in and zoom out, menu scrolling, volume control, and many more! There is an SD expansion slot, a USB port, and an amount connector of 24 pins. Guess what? There are many other features!

How the Zumo 396 LMT-S GPS System Works

Zumo 396 LMT-S GPS System is a powerful motorcycle navigation system, which incorporates the latest in motorcycle GPS technology.

The Zumo 396 LMT-S motorcycle GPS system offers advanced features to help you enjoy your motocross riding time. It includes an electronic compass, magnetic declination sensor, and a hand-held computer that displays useful information such as track maps and voice-guided direction instructions. It also comes with preloaded maps of North America, Europe, and Africa to make sure you don’t get lost during your rides. The Zumo 396 LMT-S GPS System also has an extended battery life that lasts up to 40 hours or 100 hours in high-power mode. This product is perfect for small and large motorcycles alike!

Comparaison Table for Other Motocycle GPS

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Garmin GLO 2 Bluetooth GPS Receiver9.5

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GPS Maps Navigation:

Garmin Zumo 396 LMT-S has a high-sensitivity GPS receiver and preloaded North American map that helps in proper navigation. The menu is quite simple and all that I had to do was to select the one that I wanted then I had to either go to the submenu or just put in the details and that is all! The navigation unit gave turn-by-turn as well as voice-guided directions.

Additionally, the Garmin Zumo GPS has TTS (text-to-speech) functionality. Among the other options are the automatic route calculations, detour, POI database of over 6 million POIs, and also provides real-time traffic updates via Total Traffic Network of Clear Channel but alas! You need to buy a traffic receiver, which is compatible with GPS Garmin Zumo. everything cannot be given right?

Whether you are a 2D lover or a 3D lover, see the GPS maps in the way you want! I prefer it to be 3D. The integrated Bluetooth helps you to make hands-free phone calls with the unit and your mobile once they are paired!


I am a motorcycle enthusiast and I want to share my experiences with the Garmin Zumo 396 LMT-S. Before moving on, let me introduce myself. My name is Jesse and I’m 20 years old. Since I was young, riding motorcycles has been one of my passions.

Now, let’s talk about the product. The Garmin Zumo 396 LMT-S is a great option for both beginners and experienced riders looking for a GPS device with extra features like a bike speed sensor, bike computer, Chrono screen, and much more.

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