Consider The Garmin Nuvi 67LMT 6-Inch GPS Navigator For Tracking!
Consider The Garmin Nuvi 67LMT 6-Inch GPS Navigator For Tracking!

Because of outstanding quality, ease-of-use, and bargain pricing, Users could say that the Garmin Nuvi 67LMT 6-Inch GPS is the best GPS for vehicle tracking on the market today.

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Both newbie and bargain hunting tracking alike is in for a treat with this easy-to-use GPS unit.

The Garmin Nuvi 67LMT 6-Inch GPS Navigator For Vehicle Tracking

Here it is, the Garmin Nuvi 67LMT 6-Inch GPS Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator with Text-To-Speech.

A vehicle tracking GPS doesn’t get any better than this. Take a minute to look at the fantastic features of the increasingly more popular Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS.

  1. This Garmin vehicle tracking portable, travel-friendly, handheld GPS is about the size of a deck of playing cards; it will easily fit into a pocket, even a jeans pocket, and it has a 6″ touch screen.
  2. The Nuvi 67 LMT comes with integrated Bluetooth, which lets it act as a hands-free GPS unit when you couple it with a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.
  3. To prevent theft, the Garmin 67lmt Lock anti-theft feature disables the Nuvi 360 until you enter your PIN.
  4. It also has preloaded maps of North America, an SD expansion slot, and an excellent navigation system.

The 67LMT′s navigation system includes a point-of-interest (POI) database, voice-guided directions, a text-to-speech feature, automatic routing, and it even doubles as a travel guide.

As you can see, with the Garmin Nuvi 67LMT GPS portable, you certainly aren’t short-changed in the features department.

Garmin Nuvi 67LMT 6-Inch GPS Navigator

Garmin Nuvi 67LMT 6-Inch GPS Navigator


  • Foursquare – Look for millions of additional restaurants, shops, and newer and more popular with Foursquare
  • Garmin Real Directions – Garmin Real Directions takes as a friend using views and traffic lights
  • Compatible with the rearview camera: worry about undoing with BC 30 wireless backup camera (sold separately) 3

It’s got it all, but because Garmin discontinued this model in Sept. of 2019, today’s Garmin Nuvi 67LMT 6-Inch GPS Navigator price is ultra attractive. You can pick one up now for practically for a song.

Priced at $250+ when it was first introduced, you can now buy one for under $150, and I’ve even seen them online at one place where they are selling for around $105.

As for the best GPS for vehicle tracking, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Garmin Nuvi 67LMT 6Inch GPS Navigator other than it has somewhat older maps, and it’s got the older flip-up style antenna.

For hiking and camping vehicle tracking enthusiasts, the Garmin Nuvi 67LMT, working with coordinates, gives truly championship results. If you’re a city vehicle tracking, it just won’t have the very newest named streets.

If you can live with older maps, not that they are ancient, just not the latest and greatest, and you’re not bothered by a flip-up style antenna, and if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool bargain shopper, give the 67LMT a stern look.

Vehicle tracking enthusiasts worldwide still use this sleek, accurate navigation system, and they overwhelmingly recommend the highly dependable Garmin Nuvi 67LMT 6-Inch GPS Navigator.

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Garmin Nuvi 67LMT 6-Inch GPS Navigator Review

The best GPS for vehicle tracking doesn’t get any better than this sturdy, accurate unit; and, as an additional plus, the Garmin Nuvi 67LMT GPS Navigator reviews overwhelmingly recommend this extremely popular Garmin Nuvi 67LMT GPS Navigator GPS system.