Top GIS Software Currently Being Utilized by Different Industries

Top GIS Software Currently Being Utilized by Different Industries

There are many GIS software options that are currently being used by different industries. These include AutoCAD Map, ILWIS, GeoDa, TatukGIS, and ESRI. However, not all of them are the same. It is important to understand the differences in the types of GIS software that are available.


ArcGIS software from Esri is used by many different organizations around the world. It’s a powerful mapping application that can help you analyze any type of data. You can even compare geographic information about roads, schools, and more.

ArcGIS allows you to analyze geographical information, and it can even link your data to other geographical information. It can be a valuable resource for researchers and scientists, and it can help you make more informed decisions.

Esri has several lines of software. They include ArcGIS, developer products, mobile applications, and more.

The latest addition to the ArcGIS suite is ArcGIS Pro, which has updated interface and geoprocessing capabilities. In addition, ArcGIS Online allows you to share information with others.

GIS technology is used in industries that need to track and manage different types of data, such as health care, transportation, and engineering. For example, engineers use GIS to construct transportation infrastructure.


TatukGIS is a privately held company that has developed top-notch GIS software. This application is being used by many industries including agriculture, emergency response, forestry, utility companies, transportation, and more. The TatukGIS software is designed to help its customers create custom GIS applications.

It offers features such as state-of-the-art editing, data import and export, and support for numerous data formats. In addition, the software has advanced features like scripting and filtering.

Another advantage of using TatukGIS is that it is free. You can also use the API to develop GIS applications for iPad or Android tablet users.

In addition, the TatukGIS Editor is highly customizable and offers features such as 3D mapping and SQL query support. The software has an extensive object API and supports Microsoft Spatial Server and Oracle Spatial.


An Integrated Land and Water Information System (ILWIS) is a PC-based GIS software that provides a comprehensive range of features for the processing and analysis of geographical data. It is used in the water and land management sector for different applications.

ILWIS is an open-source Geographic Information System that enables users to create, edit and visualize geographical information. The system has a number of functions for raster graphics, vector graphics, and 3D visualizations.

In addition to the GIS functionalities, ILWIS is also equipped with anaglyph tools and stereo imaging capabilities. It is also an effective tool for digitizing aerial photos and satellite images. Moreover, ILWIS is capable of performing spectral band manipulation.

As part of its modular architecture, ILWIS has an underlying framework that allows the user community to build new functionality. It is also a flexible mobile app environment.


GeoDa is a free GIS software program that provides a variety of statistical and visualization tools. It is used for spatial process modeling and spatial statistical tests. The program’s goal is to translate data into insights.

The software package is useful for individuals and large organizations. The tool supports various types of databases. Depending on the data format, the GIS software can adjust it to suit the user’s needs.

For example, it is helpful for locating land near a densely populated area. Additionally, it can be used to calculate flood damage and plan evacuation routes. Geographic information helps people to act right away.

In health, GeoDa has been used to track the spread of infectious diseases. It can also be used to predict the potential spread of an infectious disease.

AutoCAD Map

If you’re a transportation professional, chances are that you’ve used GIS software. Besides allowing you to quickly create maps for customers, GIS allows you to analyze maps and gain an understanding of their spatial capabilities.

However, if you’re also using CAD tools, you’ve probably found it difficult to merge the two types of data. The proprietary nature of the software platforms makes it difficult to achieve GIS-CAD integration. And as more agencies begin to use mobile devices to collect and disseminate data, the need for a comprehensive approach to data integration increases.

For instance, the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) is working to implement a project to provide local counties with road ROW data. They’ve had difficulty converting milepost data from their ROW CAD survey data into GIS.