Geographic Information Science After GIS

Geographic Information Science After GIS

A look at the proceedings of the most important conferences in geographic information science reveals the disappearance of a topic that has been at the core of our discipline from the first day: GIS. Apparently, we either know everything about GIS, or researchers simply got bored with the topic and turned to other, more interesting research areas (I think the truth is somewhere in between).
Of course, there are still other important topics within the broader field, such as wayfinding/routing and data integration/interoperability. But in my opinion, those topics will face the same destiny – the most relevant research questions will be solved, and the solutions will be put into practice by the industry. Which brings up the question of what will be the future research topics we are going to tackle – or, to put it more drastically: will there still be a right to exist for GI science as an independent discipline?

The current hot research topics in our field suggest that the per-definition interdisciplinary GIs science community will become even more interdisciplinary. We do no longer stick to the core topic of computing spatial information, but we are taking disciplines such as cognitive science (spatial cognition), AI (spatial reasoning), and – of course – ideas of Web 2.0 (trust networks) into account. From a political perspective, the need for research on privacy becomes more and more pressing. Beyond those current topics, there is still a significant amount of research done on very basic topics, and I do not think that we will run out of such topics in the near future.

With the current state of GI science in mind, I do believe that it will continue to be an independent discipline. It will certainly get even more interdisciplinary – there are still topics which could be seen as obviously related to the field, but which have not been addressed from a GI perspective yet, such as logistics (as far as I know).

Perhaps a reason is that we are still in the transition from local GIS workstations to distributed (or centralised) GIS networks. But this development never really got off the ground. We are stuck in this transition, and we don’t really know what we can expect from the future (and therefore many people decide to put not too much research efforts into it and prefer to wait).


The Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are the technological foundations for modern navigation systems and computer mapping. These technologies work together to make today¡¦s methods of information gathering possible.GPS

The GPS is a network of 24 United States Department of Defense (DoD) satellites orbiting the earth at an altitude of approximately 12,500 miles. These satellites continuously transmit navigation data via radio signal, to be used in a locating process called satellite ranging, or “pseudoranging.” The pseudoranging process involves receiving signals from a number of satellites and determining the distance of the receiver from each satellite.

The determination is based on comparing the time transmitted from the satellite’s atomic clock with the time indicated by the receiver’s internal clock. The position of the receiver is determined more completely by using signals from several satellites. If three signals are received, then a 2-dimensional fix can be determined. The satellite orbits are distributed in such a way that at any time, at any earth location, a GPS receiver should be able to receive at least four satellite transmission under ideal conditions.

GPS accuracy can be affected by several sources of error, including unavoidable errors in the system such as those introduced by atmospheric interference or inefficiencies in the equipment used. These errors can be corrected by “differential correction” which uses a stationary GPS receiver, or base station, able to estimate the error in the signal from each satellite and apply that correction to the signal received by the user’s mobile GPS receiver. Differentially corrected GPS (DGPS) can result in an error that is usually no more than a few meters.

The kind of information one gets from the GPS includes such things as the latitude, longitude, elevation, time, speed and direction of the GPS receiver. All of this data is essential to building computerized maps that can display a chronicle of the GPS receiver’s travels.GIS

Once GPS data is collected, there must be a way to use it. There are real-time uses for GPS data, such as using hand-held GPS receivers in hunting, backpacking or military operations. Along with using GPS for real-time navigation, there are reasons to store the information on a computer, associate it with other stored information, and use it for analysis of how a location is related to any number of variables. This is where a Geographic Information System (GIS) comes in.

A GIS is essentially a database that stores and relates categories of data in any way desired. The crucial difference between a GIS and a common business database is its mapping and spatial relation capability. A GIS allows one to enter spatial information such as GPS data, plot a map from the data, and associate other data with points on the map.

Many industries are using GIS in a variety if ways, but its always essentially a means of storing and using information about a location. Utilities use GIS to map the locations of power lines or pipelines. Marketers in all kinds of businesses use GIS to map demographics and develop appropriate marketing plans. Insurance companies map the locations of all insured properties. GIS is also making an entrance into agriculture as a way of archiving crop yield data and developing site-specific management strategies. Some of the most commonly used GIS program are MapInfo and ArcInfo.

Potential of GIS

GIS. Sold to many as the savior from unemployment and an infinite source for research. Or at least to me and my fellow classmates in GIScience ‘back in the days.’ Despite this very intriguing view of the potential of GIS, we should open our eyes to reality and see GIS for what it is–a set of tools. This realization is nothing new to the broader GIScience community and it is no surprise to me that it reflects itself in the proceedings of current GIScience conferences. Yes, GIS was at the core of GIScience in its beginning stage, but the field evolved and extended far beyond GIS. That is not to say that there is no research left in respect to GIS. One example would be the efforts that are undertaken in the realm of PPGIS–addressing both technical and critical questions. Some might argue that critical approaches are not part of GIScience. I do not subscribe to this view.

At the end, it all becomes a problem of semantics. What is GIScience? If one applies a broader definition, then the shift of GIS to the periphery of GIScience doesn’t really change anything about the discipline itself.

Locate your Children Fast With GPS watches For Kids

Locate your Children Fast With GPS watches For Kids

Stop Parents! Locate You, Children, Fast With GPS Watches for Kids & Get Some Peace of Mind

Learn everything you need to know about GPS watches for kids with this handy online guide to portable GPS systems.

Find out how you can use GPS Smartwatches as a transmitter, navigator, recorder, and altimeter all in one GPS watch system.

With real advice on GPS watch manufacturers, you can compare quality and prices on all portable GPS watches, like: Casio, Garmin, Protrek, and Timex.

To get the most out of your online shopping experience, keep reading about GPS watch systems with this exciting online guide to GPS watches for kids.

Best GPS Watch For Kids

GPS Tracker Unlocked Wrist Smart Phone Watch for Kids

Watch for Kids with Sim Camera Video Call Fitness Tracker

  • ✔ BEST 2021 4G IP67 WATERPROOF PHONE WATCH is that the NEW reliable 2021 model, helps you reach your child anytime anywhere by using 4G/3G/2G data traffic (additional nano-SIM card needed, not included). you’ll set the numbers for incoming and outgoing calls(up to 15), voice messages through the appliance for IOS and Android.
  • ✔ EXTRA LONG BATTERY 800 Mah and SOS EMERGENCY CALL FEATURE / REMOTE CAMERA & REMOTE VOICE MONITOR for the complete safety of your child. When in peril, by pressing the long on the SOS button of the watch, you’ll receive an SOS message and a call immediately (up to three SOS numbers, until someone will answer).
  • ✔ ACCURATE LOCATION PROVIDED BY GPS+LBS+WIFI 4G/3G/2G GPS Tracker Smart await kids gives you all the particular information about your child’s location, reports of the movements around the city. Feel safe. Just open the Map within the application and press “Locate”.
  • ✔ VIDEO CALL & 2MP FUN CAMERA FOR SELFIE helps your child to require selfies/pictures and send them to you thru the app from GPS Smart await Kids Owl Cole. Using the REMOTE CAMERA you’ll get an image of what surrounds the child without his knowledge.
  • ✔ DAILY SCHEDULE & ALARM & PEDOMETER. you’ll found out the daily activities and lift the responsibility of your child. Put up to three alarms per day and check on the Steps/Calories spent/Distance daily with our latest fitness tracker for teenagers Owl Cole. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

Global Positioning System GPS

Life is hectic and often challenges with obstacles that we must react quickly to.

It never hurts to get some help navigating your way through the endless stream of people, places and traffic in our modern world.

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a wonderful way to stay centered during your day.

For instance, GPS can help you do many things like:

  • Develop Databases
  • Download Software
  • Create Digital Maps
  • Find People & Vehicles

From mapping your travel route through the city to tracking people’s locations and activities, GPS receivers keeps you in touch and alert.

Increase your ability to communicate in this multi-facet world by utilizing a handheld GPS system, which will pinpoint your destinations down to a tee.

Planning your day around realistic time estimates has never been easier with a GPS watch or hand held palm pilot.

TickTalk 3 Unlocked 4G LTE Universal Kids Smart Watch

Smart Watch Phone with GPS Tracker

  • MESSAGING: The new instant message center comes with 2-way text messages, voice messages, photos, and emojis. Available for individual or group chat. The TickTalk3 allows children to send preset text messages, like “I’m on the varsity bus.” “I’ll call you later.” “Just arrived.” It’s now allowed to feature customized text responses to the TickTalk 3.
  • LOCATOR: thanks to the 4G reception, the new locator is 50% faster than our prior model and it’s more accurate.
  • IP67 WATER RESISTANT: The TickTalk3 is safeguarded with IP67 waterproof technology, protecting it from rain, poolside splashes, or if it’s dropped accidentally during a body of water.
  • It’s the first and only kids’ watch phone which can make video calls smoothly within the US.
  • Input the time you’d like, playback where had the child been. Customize the watch faces to combine and match the wrist bands.

GPS Watches For Kids

There’s never been an easier way to stay connected than with GPS watches.

A receiver is installed inside the mechanics of a watch in order to allow reception with nearby satellites.

This allows you to get connected to many modaluties of communications and information via your lightweight GPS watch.

Handy state-of-the-art watches that do more than tell time can come in handy for several things, including:

  • Gym
  • Running
  • Athletics
  • Outdoors

You can download appropriate training and workout programs into the GPS system in your watch.

This means that you can track your time, heart-rate, speed, distance and pace data all from one resourceful watch.

Let your GPS watch alert you to when you’ve reached your goal, heart rate, or peak performance moment.

GPS watches make it easier to exercise, hike, or run in nature surroundings.

With a great tracking and mapping system you will be aware of the road ahead, as well as store information on where you’ve been.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX – Royal Blue

  • Kids watches are ideal for youthful picture takers, this strong smartwatch has more memory so kids can take numerous photos and recordings; highlight a camera with photograph impacts, a camcorder, a voice recorder with voice-evolving impacts, and a little screen. Best for a long time: 4 to 9 years
  • Notwithstanding the alert, clock, and stopwatch, the VTech watch has 2 new instruments including a schedule highlight and a mini-computer so your youngster can process straightforward expansion, deduction, increase, and division issues
  • Computerized and simple kids smartwatch show accompanies 50 or more clock face plans; sprinkle verification for regular play (sprinkle and sweat confirmation; don’t lower and not appropriate for showering or washing)
  • Something beyond a watch, it’s the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX; highlights a battery-powered Lithium-Ion battery and incorporates a miniature USB link to transfer photographs/recordings additionally as energize the battery

Benefits & Features

Use your GPS watch system to keep track of your children in large crowds or when they go out with friends.

Now you can prepare yourself for frightening situations where your child has gotten lost in a crowd at the mall, a local fair, or during a vacation.

With GPS watches you can stay in communication with your child and pinpoint exactly where they are located at all times.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits and features of best gps watch for kids:

  • Alerting
  • Tracking
  • Communicating

You can download tracking and mapping software into your best GPS watch for kids. This helps you and your child can develop a plan of action, just in case.

When you have younger children it’s hard to keep peace of mind in these modern times.

Now that GPS technology is so readily available and economical to regular consumers, you have options.

Confirm your child’s location within minutes of searching for them with the Global Positioning System.

Due to the fact that GPS watches are so lightweight, you can wear them on your arm, or clip them onto your belt.

Models & Brands

Let this great online guide help you find an economical and high quality GPS watch for all your needs.

For the latest deals and discounts check out GPS watch model and brands like: Ironman, Timex, Forerunner, Fugawai, Casio, Pathfinder, Protrek, Philippe, and TAG Heuer.

Best GPS Watches For Kids Comparaison Table


GPS Tracker Unlocked Wrist Smart Phone Watch for KidsBest Deal

  • ACCURATE LOCATION PROVIDED BY GPS+LBS+WIFI 4G/3G/2G GPS Tracker Smart await kids gives you all the particular information about your child’s location, reports of the movements around the city. Feel safe. Just open the Map within the application and press “Locate”.

TickTalk 3 Unlocked 4G LTE Universal Kids Smart WatchBest Offer


VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX – Royal BlueBest Economic Offer

  • VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX: Vtech Watch, with fun games, activities, and learning applications this is often an excellent gift for a young child with an inquisitive mind. With dual cameras and video too, there’s many fun to be had!

Garmin nüvi 1390 LMT 4.3-Inch Portable Bluetooth GPS Navigator Review

Garmin nüvi 1390 LMT 4.3-Inch Portable Bluetooth GPS Navigator Review

It is better that I call the Garmin nüvi 1390 LMT the flagship GPS navigation unit from the auto line of Garmin. Being a GPS connoisseur, I always look for advanced features in any GPS navigation unit and the nüvi 760 is perhaps the perfect little device that is going to be a delight for the techno freaks like me! At least I was happy! And I guess that instead of beating around the bush, it is time that I take you to a tour of my experience with the new Garmin nüvi 1390 LMT 4.3-Inch Portable Bluetooth GPS.

Feel and Design

Not to exaggerate, the Garmin Garmin nüvi 1390 hard reset is sexy enough to accompany you and your girlfriend in the public. At least, I was happy to take it out in public. With an aesthetic black look on the face, it has grabbed a crispy look and the screen becomes easier to read – is that not one of the most wanted features of GPS units? Yet another noticeable feature is that the flip-up antenna is gone as compared to the 300 and 600 models of nüvi. This is perhaps the drawback if you think that 20 seconds can impact your business or social and personal life. Garmin nüvi 1390 LMT 4.3-Inch Portable Bluetooth GPS takes nearly 20 seconds more before the inbuilt GPS chip gets activated.

It really did not bother me. The slider switch to turn the device on and off can be used as a hold button to stop the touch screen activities. There is an SD card slot and a Smartphone jack place on the left side of the unit. I always desire to have extra map coverage and multimedia files and this is what the SD card slot is used for. Simple! The maps are already loaded in the internal memory of the device. The device also has a USB port place at the bottom to let you connect to the computer. It also acts as a power/mount connector!

Garmin nüvi 1390 LMT 4.3-Inch Portable Bluetooth GPS

  • Item works and looks like new. Sponsored by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.
  • This used item has been expertly reviewed, tried, and cleaned by Amazon-qualified providers.
  • There will be no obvious restorative blemishes when held at a manageable distance.
  • Products with batteries will surpass the 80% limit comparative with new.
  • Accessories may not be unique, however will be viable and completely useful. The item may come in a nonexclusive box.
  • This item is qualified for a substitution or discount within 90 days of receipt on the off chance that you are not fulfilled under the Amazon Renewed Guarantee. See terms here.
  • Daylight decipherable, 4.3-inch illuminated TFT shading touchscreen show with 480 x 272 WQVGA pixel goal
  • Preloaded City Navigator NT North America (the U.S. furthermore, Canada)
  • Free lifetime guide and traffic refreshes for the most exceptional guides, POIs, and route data, alongside continually refreshed traffic data (vehicle power link is traffic recipient)
  • Progressed route highlights including voice-incited turn-by-turn headings, path help with intersection see, fuel-sparing ecoRoute
  • Coordinated Bluetooth remote innovation with an implicit receiver and speaker for sans hands calling, Battery life: as long as 4 hours

Mount Talk

Compared to the other GPS navigation systems, the nüvi 760 has a power connector chipping out only one-fourth of an inch at the bottom. It, therefore, can be easily mounted quite low on the dashboard. The mount has a socket joint and this makes it easier to tilt the unit to a comfortable angle to easily access the eject button, which is also located at the bottom location. As usual, the mount and the device have a design, which is nearly perfect. The ball and the socket joint of the mount allow easy adjustment for the GPS screen visibility. Just to add a different point, the power adapter has a dual role to play. It also acts as an antenna for the FM TMC traffic – just a perfect thing for people like me who hate to keep rolled cables in their pocket or car!

Navigation and Use

Seriously speaking guys, ‘IT IS SIMPLE’! Power on the device and you will have to follow the following steps in sequence:

  • Select Where to…
  • Put in the address…
  • Put in the state name…
  • Put in the city name…
  • Put in the street number…
  • Put in the street name…
  • Select ‘GO’…and you are done!

What annoys me the most is that the device will not accommodate any spelling mistake, which most of the GPS navigation units in the market allow! But, Garmin nüvi 1390 LMT knows a way to make up for the frustration. It allows or rather supports QWERTY keyboards! Incredible!

Extras for navigation

Garmin nüvi 1390 LMT has a big list of POIs and all I had to do was to select the one of my interest from the list. Another added advantage was that it allowed me to add points on the route. It allows us to put a start point, an endpoint, and 50 other points all along the route between the start and the endpoint and thereby allowing multi-destination routing. This GPS unit has in a literal sense the most perfect multi-destination routing. The nüvi 760 has a detour option but needs a lot of improvement. I was by no means impressed by this function. If you have a problem in the route you take, it will not allow you to get an alternate route for the existing route and then continue along with the same. Rather, it will calculate a completely new route to your final destination! I do not like this one!

The GPS unit provides TTS (text to speech, which is clear and easy to understand). At least easy for me! The frequency of voice prompts and the instructions is moderate and is not too chatty. However, it is not a very acceptable frequency on highway speed where most of us rely on the voice rather than the map.

The moderate FM transistor seems to give an average performance. I must rather say, ‘at par performance’! You can either tune in manually or the Garmin nüvi 1390 LMT will do that for you and select the best FM station available at that moment!

Speaking of Bluetooth, you need to check the compatibility of your smartphone’s Bluetooth with that of the nüvi 760. I was unlucky that mine was not compatible. If you are lucky and can pair your smartphone with the GPS unit, you can place calls and also receive calls from your 760!


MasTrack Hardwired Real Time GPS Vehicle TrackerAmazon Choice


TKSTAR GPS Tracker,GPS Tracker for VehiclesBest Offer

  • GPS Tracker,GPS Tracker for Vehicles 120 Days Long Standby Time Waterproof Real Time Car GPS Tracker Strong Magnet Tracking Device For Motorcycle Trucks Anti Theft Alarm TK915

AES RGT90 GPS Tracker GPRS Mini Portable VehicleBest Deal

  • GPS Tracker GPRS Mini Portable Vehicle Locating Tracking Device. PRE-Activated SIM Card with 3 Months Service Included

Something Interesting

I heard that the unit will trace the car and the exact parking location in case you forget that! It indeed did! I picked up the Garmin nüvi 1390 LMT 4.3-Inch Portable Bluetooth GPS from my car and went to a different place. Two simple reasons were there. First, I wanted to test the claim, and next, I wanted to keep it away from the thieves. Amazing! It remembered the exact co-ordinates of its last location and the time of its removal from that location. So, if you don’t find your car in that location, it is definitely stolen! Sorry folks… Garmin nüvi 1390 LMT 4.3-Inch is a GPS navigation unit and not a cop to trace the thieves!


Garmin nüvi 1390 LMT 4.3-Inch Portable Bluetooth GPS

Undoubtedly, the Garmin nüvi 1390 LMT 4.3-Inch has a lovely set of features and a couple of drawbacks (just as others do) but still, it is one of the handiest devices that you can get in the market. By far the worst thing about the device is that it is too expensive and is priced at $150. You will get similar products at half of this price. But mind it, I said similar, not identical. It is Garmin nüvi 1390 LMT 4.3-Inch Portable Bluetooth GPS, something that makes you a proud owner!

GPS Accessories – Huge Range of Accessories Review

GPS Accessories – Huge Range of Accessories Review

What are add-ons for? Simple! They provided added features. GPS accessories are none other than the add-ons which make sure that the experience with these gadgets gets a whole new dimension…

If you plan to purchase a quality GPS receiver you can be sure to get a whole range of useful accessories right in the box. Mounts and mounting hardware, USB devices, power adapters, and more are standard. But there is an array of add-on products that offer more than just eye candy to fanatic technology geeks. They actually make owning your personal navigation system a more thrilling experience.

Celestron – SkySync Telescope GPS Accessory

Automatically Updates your Telescope with 16-channel GPS Data

  • ADD GPS FOR THE MOST ACCURATE ALIGNMENT: Upgrade your Celestron automated telescope with super exact 16-station GPS time, date, and area information.
  • Spare TIME ALIGNING YOUR SCOPE: Instead of entering the rough time, date, and area into your hand control physically, SkySync gets this data from circling worldwide situating satellites, sparing you time in the field.
  • Incredible FOR ASTROIMAGING: SkySync will improve your arrangement—a distinction you can find in your astroimages.
  • WORKS WITH YOUR EXISTING TELESCOPE: Simply plug into your hand control or any accessible AUX port on your telescope mount. Work with all non-GPS Celestron mechanized telescopes.
  • MOUNTING STRAP INCLUDED: We’ve given a convenient Velcro tie to make sure about the SkySync GPS unit to one of your telescope’s stand legs, securely far removed.

You could start with something simple, but nevertheless useful, like SkySync Telescope GPS Accessory. These clear, scratch-resistant, semi-sticky items of plastic can help protect your touch screen for months or years. If you have an auto unit, they can reduce the need to clean your screen regularly. Wipe the protector or just replace it after a while. Better still, when you have an outdoor unit, they can provide that extra layer of protection that will make your screen looking nice for years.

More than that, it’s always a good idea to have a good carrying case for your PND. Some models feature one that is as good or better than most accessories. Others will profit from a high-end add-on. Of course, if you lose the one that came with the GPS device, they’re a must. Garmin produces several for its Nuvi line. Be sure to get the right case for your model. They’re tough and many come with a belt strap or any other attachment to make carrying easy.

Usually, all GPS receivers come with one or more mounts (and hardware). But cars, motorcycles, mountain bikes, and more all come in different shapes and styles. Your mount may not be ideal for your circumstances. Also, many countries have requirements that restrict where and how you can mount your PND. Some governments forbid using the suction-cup mount that makes attachment to your car windshield a breeze.

Garmin makes a Portable Friction Beanbag Mount that works efficiently. It’s a sand-filled little unit you just set on your dash. No screws required and it is installed in a minute. That also makes it easy to take down your GPS receiver to prevent theft when you park the car. The Bracketron UFM-100-BL Nav-Mat Dash Pad is another, similar accessory. It’s weighted and has anti-skid material on the bottom so it will keep your GPS securely in place until you want to move it.

Software, maps, and other useful data are standard features of all GPS receivers on the market today. They come pre-installed/pre-loaded and the producers all offer updates and add-ons on their websites. Even so, it can be interesting to TUSITA Case Compatible with Garmin GPSMAP offered by third-party vendors.

Marine GPS devices benefit from a big range of additional BlueChart g2 extras that provide detailed information about lakes, rivers and the thousands of landmarks near waterways. East Coast, West Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, Great Lakes…. The options are endless. Garmin offers a complete range. If you can’t find what you’re looking for immediately, you probably don’t want to go there!

Take a look at improvements after you’ve used your GPS receiver for a short while. You’ll soon realize there are a number of accessories that will significantly increase the value and pleasure of using your personal GPS navigation unit.


getgear GPS Unit Case for Garmin inReach Explorer+Best Deal

  • Handheld Satellite Communicator, Built in mesh Accessory Pocket, Elastics Secure Strap

TUSITA Case for Garmin eTrex TouchBest Amazon Offer

  • Silicone Protective Cover – Handheld GPS Navigator Accessories (Black)

TUSITA Case Compatible with Garmin
Amazon Choice

  • Case Compatible with Garmin GPSMAP 66s 66st 66sr – Silicone Protective Cover – Handheld GPS Accessories

Different Type of GPS Accessories

You might be thinking you now have all you need for GPS navigation and you would be wrong. You still need to mount and get external power to the receiver and connect the receiver to your computer.

GPS Mount –

This windshield mount works great from visibility, stability, and reception standpoints. The stalk is malleable steel so it’s extremely sturdy but easily adjustable. The suction cups hold the mount securely to the windshield but mine also rests on top of the dash. It has a quick-release feature allowing removal of the receiver for other uses.

Data/Power Cable –

A GPSR can go through 4 AA batteries pretty quickly depending on backlight settings. This cable comes with a lighter plug but is also available with bare wire ends for hard-wiring to CB posts or fuse block

Serial to USB Adapter –

Newer laptops only have one 9-pin serial port for connecting an external monitor. You can not connect your GPSR to it. You will need a serial to USB adapter cable.

Phone GPS Tracking Device all you Should Know

Phone GPS Tracking Device all you Should Know

About GPS Locator for Cell Phones

Cell Phone GPS Locators have software for local mobile devices through mobile devices. The system enables users of mobile devices – such as mobile phones, PDAs, or Smartphones – to locate their friends and show their friends’ position and current movements on their mobile device. Both, locating and to be located mobile device have to support Java’s J2ME and need the ‘Mobile GPS Locator’-Software. Moreover, the mobile device to be located has to be equipped with GPS.

In fact, this technology should be made mandatory on cell smartphones. There would be good advantages. If the cell-phone is robbed, or lost, it can be found. Importantly, as mobile devices are omnipresent they can help locate lost or kidnapped people. Also, during natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis, it will be much easier and faster to locate people.

Most GPS individual finding frameworks work this way: the gadget that the individual conveys contains a GPS beneficiary. The gadget communicates the GPS information over a GSM/GPRS (phone) framework. Contingent upon the framework, the area information can be gotten to on a site or sent to a control community, which at that point contacts the suitable individuals. A significant number of the frameworks that permit data access on a site let the client see the GPS area continuously on a moving guide.

While a few systems require no monthly fee, most cost about what cell phone service costs per month. This is of course in addition to the cost of the equipment that ranges from $200 to over $1500.


MasTrack Hardwired Real Time GPS Vehicle TrackerAmazon Choice


TKSTAR GPS Tracker,GPS Tracker for VehiclesBest Offer

  • GPS Tracker,GPS Tracker for Vehicles 120 Days Long Standby Time Waterproof Real Time Car GPS Tracker Strong Magnet Tracking Device For Motorcycle Trucks Anti Theft Alarm TK915

AES RGT90 GPS Tracker GPRS Mini Portable VehicleBest Deal

  • GPS Tracker GPRS Mini Portable Vehicle Locating Tracking Device. PRE-Activated SIM Card with 3 Months Service Included

Know About GPS Tracking Cell Phones

The development of communications technology today has surpassed mere conversation with people on the move. Cell phone GPS tracking is a singular advancement in the field. GPS tracks your location by interpreting the data received from 3 or more satellites making GPS a popular feature in cars for navigation.

The introduction of GPS technology into cell phones means that cell phone GPS tracking makes this information more accurate. With GPS technology now readily available in many new cell phones, it is possible to locate anyone carrying a compatible cell phone to be accurately tracked at any time. Cell phone GPS tracking can therefore be a useful feature for business owners and fleet managers who need to be able to keep track of their vehicle movements.

Cell phone GPS tracking is a useful feature to the emergency services or police when responding to a 911 call from a GPS cell phone. For this reason, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has legislated that wireless networks provide location information for 911 calls made from cell phones. These are known as E911 calls. It can also be used to locate the whereabouts of children and elderly relatives if they need urgent assistance.

GPS cell phones will go beyond their present use as navigational devices to even suggest alternative routes and even phone the people with your ETA! Of course, car GPS navigation systems are doing all this but it is the portability of cell phones that makes this technology so useful and advantageous.

MasTrack Hardwired GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracker

  • NATIONWIDE COVERAGE | Includes 12 months of real time live GPS tracking with 1 minute updates. Nationwide coverage (USA) – No Activation Fee
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION | Simple 3 wire installation are often done by an amateur or professional in but half-hour
  • ALL INCLUSIVE GPS | This covert tracker is definitely hidden within the vehicle and works with any year, make and model vehicle – Everything you would like to urge started is included together with your purchase plus Premium Tracking for 12 months
  • SMART & EASY TRACKING | Simply log into the online portal and consider live or historical tracking at any time. Access tracking from Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, or other web enabled devices – there’s no limit on how often you’ll view your trips
  • UNLIMITED REPORTING | Live map updates with 24/7 unlimited access, unlimited reporting, unlimited alert notifications

About Verizon GPS Cell Phones

Verizon Wireless cell phones come with VZNavigator software that is a proprietary GPS road navigation system developed by Networks In Motion. Verizon puts gadgetry aside and focuses on its main purpose: Navigation. These are dependable though expensive mobile phones. They report your position with excellent accuracy, are highly usable, straightforward, and efficient. However, you may not get continuous maps when driving, and although you get information about gas stations, restaurants, and shops but no live gas prices or traffic reports.

The software is pre-installed on Verizon Wireless phones that are Bluetooth-enabled. You get free downloads but require a monthly subscription of 10$ for unlimited use or $3-a-day, with no charge for the data. The mobile phones will display turn signs and remaining distance, 2D maps at turning points, and speak real-time road directions. However, there are no 3D maps or even always-on maps. Maps are only shown when you get to a turning point. It is all you need for navigation but if you decide to find your own way, then you are short of a map.

Usability in Verizon phones is near perfect. Resuming the last address or typing a new one is quick and easy. It even has auto-fill like web browsers. These phones are quick to recalculate a route if you miss a turn or get lost and additionally they also have the option to take or make a call. Verizon GPS Cell Phones provided excellent navigation assistance.

Nextar Q3 Touchscreen Portable GPS Navigation System Review

Nextar Q3 Touchscreen Portable GPS Navigation System Review

I have a friend who drives to earn his livelihood. Well, that is not a big issue! He is using the Nextar Q3 and the way he was bouncing off the ground made me decide that I must have a look at it. Before anything else, I would like to mention that this GPS system is made for cars. If you want to claim yourself as Vasco da Gama, probably the good old paper maps are for you and if in case you do not want to get lost in a big continent like the USA, the Nextar Q3 Touchscreen Portable GPS is undoubtedly a smart choice. Well, I really cannot say that it does not have any cons! If I do, I may be the most cynical human being on Earth and the Almighty is obviously waiting to grab me by a neck!

Jokes apart, the Nextar Q3 Touchscreen Portable GPS discards the concept of getting lost! While Nextar Q3 imparts accuracy to your driving skills with the aid of satellite-based wayfinding! I was amazed to find the built-in maps of all the 50 states of America. Even catchier of all the features is the presence of more than 1.6 million POI (points of interest). The points of interest included in the Nextar Q3 Touchscreen Portable GPS, range from hospitals, landmarks, restaurants, ATMs, airports, and many more.

Device Specifications:

Let us now have a look at the specifications of the model. No wonder, this is the first thing that we look at for a quick overview of any device or gadget that we buy.

Part NumberQ3
Recommended forAutomotive use
VoiceInstructions for navigation
FeaturesNextar Q3 Touchscreen Portable GPS Navigation
Maps IncludedUSA (All 50 states)
Display3.5 inches
Digital playerYes
Display typeTFT
Display diagonal size3.5 inches
Illumination of displayYes
Color SupportYes
Display FeatureTouch screen
BatteryLithium ion

The included device specifications look quite interesting however, the presence of additional accessories undoubtedly make it one of the most favorite GPS devices available in the market. Well, stay excited while I give you a quick list of the available accessories. You will surely love them. Once I had a look at the list, I could understand why my friend was bouncing!

Additional accessories:

Below mentioned is an exhaustive list of additional accessories, which are available with the Nextar Q3 Touchscreen Portable GPS.

  • Mounting cradle
  • Dashboard mounting disk
  • Suction cup mounting bracket
  • Carry pouch
  • AC adapter
  • Port adapter for car accessory/DC adapter
  • Day and night mode. It is notable that night mode features additional lights on the screen for a better view.

The features and the additional accessories ensure that you can always keep GPS track of your destination and be on time even when you are out for a business meeting in an unfamiliar part of the town.

As I said earlier, there are several shortcomings of the product. It is not perfect. Though it is an awesome product, I had some unexpected experiences. I will discuss in the next section.*

Comparaison Table Car GPSes Devices


MasTrack Hardwired Real Time GPS Vehicle TrackerAmazon Choice


TKSTAR GPS Tracker,GPS Tracker for VehiclesBest Offer

  • GPS Tracker,GPS Tracker for Vehicles 120 Days Long Standby Time Waterproof Real Time Car GPS Tracker Strong Magnet Tracking Device For Motorcycle Trucks Anti Theft Alarm TK915

AES RGT90 GPS Tracker GPRS Mini Portable VehicleBest Deal

  • GPS Tracker GPRS Mini Portable Vehicle Locating Tracking Device. PRE-Activated SIM Card with 3 Months Service Included


  • The system crashed several times and every time I used the product, the date and time had to be reset. This is annoying.
  • Yet another aspect that I do not like is the customer service. Every time you call up a number, you will be speaking to an automated machine. I will rather like to speak to a human being.


Nextar Q3 Touchscreen Portable GPS Navigation System

Apart from the cons that the device has, I liked the device a lot with respect to its overall features and performance. The simplicity of usage is wonderful and no doubt, it will bag some good ratings from me!

Garmin nüvi 2597LMT 5-Inch Portable Bluetooth Vehicle GPS

Garmin nüvi 2597LMT 5-Inch Portable Bluetooth Vehicle GPS

Garmin never seems to get tired of giving new GPS navigation devices to us! How fool of me! Why shall they be tired? It is their business. The Garmin nüvi 2597LMT 5-Inch Portable Bluetooth Vehicle GPS  is sheer eye candy for the GPS lovers like me and when it comes to simplicity of usage and sophistication of the technology, the nüvi 2597LMT is in one word, a masterpiece.

The time isn’t perfect to loiter around with words of appreciation but to key down a true review of my experiences. So, fasten your seat belts and here we go.

Visibility and interface:

The Garmin nüvi 2597LMT 5-Inch Portable Bluetooth Vehicle GPS has a crisp and clean interface that allows clear visibility. I can have a clear view of the screen even with my semi-dusty eyeglasses! It also allows voice-activated navigation (just in case the glasses are too dusty)! Jokes apart, the most outstanding feature of the device is that it supports junction view and provides lane assistance. I really love this feature.

Garmin nüvi 2597LMT 5-Inch Portable Bluetooth Vehicle GPS

  • Simple To-Use, Dual Orientation, Touchscreen Interface;The Traffic Feature Does Not Require A Subscription. There Are No Additional Fees For This
  • Garmin Real Directions With Garmin Real Voice Guide Using Recognizable Buildings And Landmarks
  • Photoreal And Bird’S Eye Junction Views Offer Detailed Images Of Junctions Along Your Route, To Ease The Stress Of Merging On Or Off A Roadway
  • Up Ahead Displays Nearby Services Info Including Restaurants, Stores, Hospitals And Fuel Alongside Your Map And Updates As You Drive Your Route
  • Cell phone Link Is A Free Mobile App That Connects Your Nüvi With Your Smartphone. At the point when Paired, Your Nüvi Can Use Your Phone’S Existing Data Plan To Share Information – Such As Where You Parked, Pois And Your Destination
  • If you don’t mind allude User Manual before use

Enhanced user experience:

The Garmin nüvi 855 has a set of advanced features, which help to enhance the experience of the users. They are discussed below:

  • Speech recognition: This is a new innovative feature of the Garmin nüvi 2597LMT 5-Inch. The technology is extremely user friendly. At least I think it is user friendly because it never asked me to go through a different setup process (I really hate doing this) and nor did it offer any kind of training before I used the feature. Sorry fellows, I am a bit lazy dumbo out here! There is a wireless, which can be fixed with the steering wheel of the car. The push-to-talk feature of the remote helps to make your device recognize your voice command even when you are driving. Shall I call it ‘Artificial Intelligence’? I really don’t know but yes the feature is capable of recognizing various business establishments and a more surprising fact is that it can answer simple questions like the user’s location or the location of a particular place. More interesting is that the voice interactions of the device simulate real-life interactions.
  • Maps and POIs: The device comes with pre-installed maps (in large numbers) and millions of POIs. For maps, the device supports both 2D and 3D modes and gives at par performance in both cases. Guess what, I love the 3D one! It looks so nice!
  • Easy to use functions: The functionality of the device is easy and simple. The Garmin nüvi 855 provides a widescreen interface that allows the users to have a clear and non-clumsy look at the maps and every single detail. The functions are easy and intuitive and are in the style of easy wizards. The Garmin nüvi 855 turns out to be a great companion for the pedestrians. The ‘where am I’ functionality shows the details and the exact location of the place where the person is currently stationed. More importantly, the ultra-slim and sleek design of the model ensures that the pedestrians can easily carry the device in their pockets.
  • Direction: The Garmin nüvi 855 is capable of giving highly accurate directions as it is coupled with the new HotFix Satellite Prediction technique. All that I had to do was to give a destination to the device either by voice instruction or by the touch screen and the device generated a plan -a real smart fellow pent in a small box! The direction is then dictated by the Garmin nüvi 855 and you can enjoy a smooth drive based on the voice instructions. Is that not easy and simple. Just to add up to the flavor, the nüvi 855 is capable of recognizing the road signs and as well as the junctions so that the drivers can pick up the correct lane.


Garmin nüvi 2597LMT 5-Inch Portable Bluetooth Vehicle GPS 

Navigation seems to be an easy task with the new Garmin nüvi 2597LMT 5-Inch. The enhanced features and the simplicity of usage properly justify the price from $60. The additional micro SD card slot is yet another justification for the price! Grab it guys!

Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS Review

Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS Review

I was looking for a handheld GPS navigation system for quite some time now and the ones I was coming across had some serious shortcomings. Either they were highly-priced and the included features did not justify the price or they were low on performance. The bottom line was that none of them impressed me. I really gave up all the hopes of finding a GPS navigation unit that would suit my style and requirements. But just when I was about to retreat from the market, I heard a confident voice that surely called for my attention and yes, it was the Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS. It was one of the greatest technological leaps from Garmin to enter the paradigm of the handheld GPS navigation units segment. Well, I was impressed and here is what I found:

Design and Look:

Wow… out of the box and smaller than what I thought! It easily fitted in my palm. Well, if you have a big palm, you may think of it as a bug! Jokes apart, the Garmin Oregon 700 was also a bit heavier than what I thought it to be. I found a clip at the back of the GPS device which is used for attaching the carabiner included in the box and the same clip also helps in accessing the battery slot. Well, the clip positioning may be the area of concern for many when it comes to water leakage but the Garmin Oregon 700 GPS tracker did an excellent job. It is waterproof. Just at the bottom is a rubber gasket and it is responsible for hiding the USB port. A small loop at the bottom is used for attaching the lanyard, but the hole is tiny made my life difficult when I was trying to push in a cord through it.

The touchscreen interface is quick and utilizing it with dainty trekking gloves won’t be an issue.

Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS

  • Touchscreen – 3-inch daylight meaningful touchscreen show with Dual direction (scene or representation see)
  • Abc sensors – 3-pivot tilt-repaid electronic Compass with accelerometer and Barometric altimeter sensors. Show size – 1.5 W x 2.5 H (3.8 x 6.3 cm). 3 inch diag (7.6 cm). Battery life – as long as 16 hours
  • Ruggedized for the outside – ergonomic, tough plan that Stands solid against residue, earth and dampness – and it is water-appraised to Ipx7
  • Action profiles – improved multi movement menu interface – including climb, climb, chase, bicycle, geocache, fish and the sky is the limit from there
  • Associate IQ – interface IQ viable to alter the Device with information fields, gadgets, and applications; find what you like or construct your own.Display goal, WxH:240 x 400 pixels

Screen, Maps and Navigation:

The screen of the Garmin Oregon 700 has surely attracted some praise and some criticism from me. There are water and mud on the screen? Wipe them out and stop worrying. There is no problem at all. Do you have fat fingers? Well, the screen understands and responds. So, your life is made easy. All functions can be used in a breeze but the concern comes when I tried map panning. I really had to press hard before I managed to get what I wanted. Another problem is the readability and the screen is almost unreadable in different light conditions. Out in the sun and you are in trouble with the view.

Well, the Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS did an impressive task with the maps and the unit has US topographic maps which are based on 1:100k resolution data. With fast screen redraws, the maps looked spectacular especially under low light conditions with the backlight on! There are numerous POIs and the only concern here was that the maps were pre-loaded and cannot be used with a computer. You can also use the 3D display of the maps if you don’t really like the 2D format. Well, use the Garmin Handheld GPS and learn the terrain from a ground perspective.

For navigation, you also have an electronic compass that can help in direction determination. A barometric altimeter is just an additional treat for users like me who desire a lot.

Interesting Garmin Oregon Facts:

There are different settings that I prefer for different outdoor activities. Unlike other GPS units (which require a lot of reconfiguration to get what I need), the Garmin Oregon 700 GPS allows me to choose different profiles like map views, route-instructions view, etc. Their pre-configured profiles are recreational, geocaching, marine, automotive, and fitness. I just need to select the profile and I am ready for enjoying the outdoors.

Chipset and Speed:

The signal acquisition was on a bit lower end especially when it is turned off for a couple of days or when the battery is replaced. This may be because the almanac/ephemeris data was wiped out in both the events! I really hate this…Garmin, you need to fix this. The tracklog view certainly exposed some serious shortcomings and there were a couple of blips in the tracklog. Wow… it showed us moving at a speed of 30,000 mph and we moved 30-40 miles in a matter of few seconds! Ah, I felt like a supersonic hero! Now Garmin here is another thing that you need to fix- the chip set accuracy.


Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS

Now, difficulties are there and despite the few shortcomings, the Garmin Oregon 700 is a great handheld GPS unit at a reasonable price. No doubt, Garmin will come up with something better but till then, Garmin Oregon 700 GPS remains my companion! You may have a different choice though!

TomTom XL 325 SE 4.3″ Display Text to Speech Review

Someone asked me: “Is GPS technology easy to use?” Instead of using words, I decided to take him for a drive even though he was a complete stranger! After an hour’s drive, he mentioned a POI and asked me to stop there. I navigated using my TomTom XL 325 SE 4.3 GPS and reached there. It was a coffee shop and he offered a cup of coffee for me. Did I ask why? He said, “Because you have shown me something that I can use to be back at home right on time and avoid clashes with my family for being late!”

Was that a joke? Perhaps not! The TomTom XL 325 SE 4.3 can really make a difference when it comes to navigating through the roads and surely it brings a marked difference in your lifestyle! And honestly, I never found anything else that can go against this claim of GPS technology! And honestly speaking, TomTom XL 325 SE 4.3 uses complex and advanced technology in a simplified state so that road navigation becomes easy and simple. Advanced lane guidance, IQ Routes, fuel prices on day to day basis, and many more features ensure that you desire more.

TomTom XL 325 SE 4.3″ Display Text to Speech

TomTom XL 325 SE 4.3

  • This renovated item is tried and ensured to look and work like new. The restoring cycle incorporates usefulness testing, essential cleaning, investigation, and repackaging. The item delivers with every single significant frill and may show up in a nonexclusive box

A Closer Look Into The Design:

The touch screen of the WQVGA wide-format is the immediate attraction and a loud and large speaker rules the rear. Speaker for navigation? Yes! The text-to-speech feature of the TomTom XL 325 SE 4.3 GPS Navigator ensures quick recognition of the POIs and streets because the device is designed to read out their names. While the power button adorns the top of the device, a USB port at the bottom allows data connection from the car charger of 12 volts, which is included in the box pack. With an onboard storage capacity of 2GB, the device allows easy access to some pre-installed maps and a database of millions of POIs.

I consider it as a drawback because I am unable to increase the Geographic data storage capacity which would have been possible in case there was a Micro SD expansion slot. The EasyPort mount makes sure that the device is mounted on the windshield of the car. The mount easily integrates with the cradle of the TomTom XL 325 SE 4.3 GPS. I find it quite easy to mount the unit on the windshield. All I need to do is to open the suction cup, place it on the windshield and then simply turn the ring provided for locking! It is as simple as 1,2,3 and goes… Want to try it?

If you read carefully, I mentioned the cradle of TomTom XL 325 SE 4.3. The cradle is integrated and therefore makes the GPS unit a bit bulky by adding weight to the already big device. It, therefore, becomes difficult for those who want to carry it with themselves when they leave the car. But placing the same in a bag will make things simple and life easy! Carry a bag!

A Talk On The Features:

I can really continue for hours when it comes to the feature of my TomTom XL 335T 4.3-Inch GPS Navigator but I will not as I don’t want to sound talkative. The Advanced lane guidance is something that I like most because it gives complete and most comprehensive details about the lanes and also provides detailed illustrations of the very complex interchanges on the freeways. The text-to-speech function is supported with 14 different voices in three different languages…choose the one that soothes your ears. Another good thing is the TomTom Map share service.

If you want to make changes to the street names, POIs, and anything else, you can always do that and upload the same and get it approved and then let others share it with you. That is really fun! Isn’t it? I think I am an expert and Tom Tom must hire me! Jokes apart, you can really consider your chances to get approved if you think that you know a place in and out! The TomTom XL 325 SE 4.3 GPS is really an intelligent fellow and it will calculate the fastest route from point A to point B based on historical data of your driving speed and time! This feature is termed as IQ Routes and remember that it will never be the same as the data of real-time traffic. Why? The calculations are based on the historical data of your driving nature!

TomTom XL 325 SE 4.3 GPS Performance:

Nope! It is not light! However, the boot as well as the satellite acquisition were fast and were completed within less than a minute! Also, the onscreen keyboard layout can be changed to suit your style. I personally love QWERTY but you can have A-Z or AZERTY layouts as well. You are free to choose from! TomTom XL 325 SE 4.3 is a considerate fellow and understands that my fingertips are fat as pumpkins and therefore provided generously big keys for the input!


TomTom XL 325 SE 4.3 GPS

OK! It is enough of the brain-eating session and I guess that you people aren’t bored enough to take my head and bang it against the wall or ZIP my lips and tie my fingers! But still, I will like to say that you can go for it and experience the change. You will not be paying for something which is actually good for nothing!

SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, Black Review

SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, Black Review

I wish I were a golfer! Unfortunately, I am not! One day when I was testing my expertise on this seemingly uninteresting game for a novice like me, I came across the… It is indeed a sheer piece of eye candy immersed in the serum of technology! Do I sound a bit poetic? Perhaps but I really can’t help! My friend who was trying to teach me the ABC of the game suddenly pulled out this little device from his pocket and it seemed that the little fellow who came out of the pocket was attractive enough to grab his attention and pull it away from me! As usual, my curious ugly brain acted and my mouth responded with several questions. He gave it to me and my response was, “OUCH…It’s a feather!”

Indeed! The SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf is something that demands praise! It is one of the lightest rangefinders you will come across in this world! Surprisingly, it weighs only 3.8 oz! It is small, it is light but still, it has a fair amount of technical expertise working behind it in perfect harmony! This little fellow has actually succeeded in patenting the intelligent technology! This wonderful piece of technology is actually capable of providing a vivid and wide range of features that becomes handy for the golfers and in particular, the golfers find this technology to be very helpful in measuring the full depth and the shape of the green topography of their gaming kingdom from whichever angle they choose! And guess what? This is possible on the fairway and off the fairway! That sounded impossible to me and my friend and guide took no time to give a hands-on experience of the proclaimed truth! Still, I wonder! As an added advantage, the SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, Black helps in getting the distances to the hazards and the bunkers, which appear on course!

SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS

  • Golf’s biggest and most splendid superior quality 5″ contact screen
  • Preloaded with more than 35, 000 of sky Golf’s ground-confirmed, blunder remedied maps for unrivaled exactness. Battery – Hi-limit battery-powered Li-Polymer battery. 12-14 hours consistent use
  • Split with incorporated targets. Essentially twofold tap or squeeze and zoom to uncover up to 40 geo-referred to targets per opening for basic distances to risks, conveys and layups
  • Dynamic divide turns the fairway and situates the green from your present position and point of Attach as you move from the tee to the green
  • Cut the string Wi-Fi network to smooth out updates, register and course downloads on interest. No compelling reason to interface with a PC
  • Included parts: miniature usb link, divider charger

My Findings:

Pardon me for any mistakes that I make because I am a novice in this field of gaming and the SkyCaddie SX500 Golf was nothing less than an ultimate surprise for me. Yet, being a techno freak, I figured out some interesting facts about this Golf GPS and perhaps they will entertain and help you in case you are a golfer.

The first thing I noticed was that the device called SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld GPS Golf can successfully rule out a major chunk of the guesswork from the game and help the golfers to perform better every single time!

The second thing that I found was that people are really hard working! Ahem! I am sorry but yes, it is the fact. The device does not use any satellite mapping. The SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld uses SkyCaddie human mappings for the course data. People actually go to the courses and map every single feature of every single hole hand by hand! Can you imagine that? Ah… that is unbelievable! That is not the end! The information accumulated is then passed through three rounds of valid checks and it is done for every hazard and every hole on the course! Goodness, gracious!

Third, in line was the knowledge about the display unit of the device. Do you play golf at night? I hope not but yes, the daytime light conditions do vary depending on the weather. The manufacturers are aware of that and they gave a grayscale unit for display and they kept the unit large. This was just to ensure that the data is readable in every kind of lighting conditions.

The fourth was the ease of access or the accessibility option. The user interface is really simple and the SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, Black provides single-touch controls for the users and not to mention the software packages which are extremely easy to use.

The fifth was the memory option. The GPS device is a real smart chap to me. It can hold the information of 10 courses at any given point of time and also provides an option to increase the memory. Well the more you expand, the more information it holds. Simple!

The Cons of SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, Black:

Well, as every great person has a bad hidden history, every great piece of technology has a negative side too. Though unknowingly, I came across the facts, which are negative in nature.

The first negative aspect was that the device had no option for saving a particular round and analyzing the same. Some other Golf GPS systems do have this feature.

The second problem is that people complain about poor customer service. Some people faced problems with the software installation on windows PC and they never received any customer support. Awww… that can be frustrating!


SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS

If you hate flashy buttons and feature, the SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS might be the best option for you but even if you do like some flashy stuff but ready to compromise when it comes to sophisticated features with easy usage, the SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, Black has indeed no other competitor which can make you think. Now I dream on becoming a golfer just to use this BLACK HOLE of golfing technology!

Comparaison T


SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, BlackBest Offer

  • All great things if you’re serious about GPS tracking your progress and improving.

Golf Buddy AIM V10 Golf LaserEconomic offer

  • These are often used if you don’t wish to wear a separate await golf or maybe in conjunction with a rangefinder to make sure your hitting the right club whenever .