How to Improve your Game With Golf GPS Training & Scoring

How to Improve your Game With Golf GPS Training & Scoring

Whether you’re an experienced player or starting out, all golfers want to get their best score on a golf course. Using tools such as a GPS golf app can help you perform the best golf course strategy when you know the exact distances to bunkers, water, and vegetation.

Golf GPS apps use satellite data to monitor your location on the golf course and accurately determine your location and distance. You’ll get accurate and valuable information about a specific golf course to improve your game.

Why you Should Use GPS Golf

A GPS golf app is like a digital cart that gives you a secondary perspective on the course. The app captures all the important information you need to get more. You can calculate the average swing distance for all clubs and recommend the best ones that can be used in any situation. You can make better decisions if you know the exact distance to the hole or the location of water hazards. Once they inform you, make sure you follow the right steps while focusing on the game.

With this resourceful online guide to golf accessories and golf equipment, you can learn all about golf GPS.

Golf GPS systems are probably the most important tool on the greens in this day and age. Keep up with the advancing competition in golf with PDA GPS receivers and software.

You can use golf GPA technology for training, mapping, and navigation all in one simple PDA GPS system.

Compare quality and prices from top manufacturers in golf GPS like: Garmin, Mitac, Sony, Trimble, and Inforemer.

Get the most out of your game with PDA GPS and golf GPS receivers.

Garmin Approach S62 Bundle, Premium Golf GPS Watch 

Tracking Sensors, Built-in Virtual Caddie

  • The resolution is sharper and therefore the screen is even easier to read in direct sunlight (the watch face is additionally 17% larger).
  • It’s much faster – most notably when I’m using the on-screen map to pick points on the course. There wont to be a small delay, but now it’s almost instantaneous.
  • Garmin has improved the hazard information. you’ll quickly toggle through the distances to sand traps and other points of interest on the opening without having to manually select them on the map.
  • Battery life is far longer; I can play three rounds without having to recharge the watch.

Golf GPS

You may have already figured out that golf GPA software can help improve your game drastically.

The use of sophisticated technology and detailed, high resolution maps will allow you to determine your course of action for every shot.

For instance, you can accurately determine if you can make it over the sand trap, without misjudging a long shot.

Analyze distances to their exact locations, so you can get ahead of the game.

  • Keep Score
  • Analyze Shots
  • Choosing Clubs
  • Measures Yardage

Using handheld GPS receivers is the fastest way to measure the distance for each shot from its tee off to the green.

SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, Black


  • You get a pre-paid Birdie membership for the primary year, which allows you to travel online and access your SkyGolf account. Here, you’ll enter and add rounds, edit scorecards and update your information. All great things if you’re serious about tracking your progress and improving.
  • The GOLF Game Analyzer section is especially useful because it gives you reports on different parts of your game and shows you where you would like to urge better, instead of having to trawl through stats yourself.


  • Best all-round GPS I’ve ever used
  • Like employing a premium Android smartphone
  • Lock feature is great
  • Build quality and battery life also fantastic


  • USD 340 plus membership after your first year may be a lot for a GPS
  • The SX500 is sort of big and heavy. I imagine most golfers wouldn’t want to stay it in their pocket, but the new bag clip could have solved this problem
  • Micro USB was fiddly to insert

The technology behind this is simple; GPS is a satellite bases information processor that will calculate distance as you move.

SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, Black Pros and Cons

For instance, this system can set up an itinerary of distance lengths for up to forty shots.

Another awesome feature of the golf GPS system is its ability to help you choose the right golf club for every shot in your game.

Cut down the time it takes to contemplate which golf club is right, when you use GPA software. Through the use of a digital map that highlights your entire course, you can get accurate distance information.

This means that you will forsee any sand traps, lakes or other obstacle on your course that might influence you’re choice of golf club.

Within a few minutes your handheld GPS system can select a probable choice of club based on real-time satellite information.

Don’t forget some of the practical features of a golf GPS, like keeping score.

Imagine how easy it would be to track your game with flawless information. You will also have the added benefit of viewing the history of the game, like tees, handicaps and yardage.

Without wasting your time, golf GPS software will calculate your total scores including strokes given per hole.

Golf Buddy AIM V10 Golf Laser

Golf Buddy Finder Bluetooth Golf GPS Devices

  • These are often used if you don’t wish to wear a separate await golf or maybe in conjunction with a rangefinder to make sure you’re hitting the right club whenever.
  • Golf Buddy became a trusted name during this department with devices that ask you as you create your way around the course, letting you recognize all the useful info that’s available at the press of a button.
  • The Aim V10 is that the latest device from Golfbuddy and that we were super excited to require it for a test drive on the golf links.

GPS Golf Game Features

Just when it can’t get any better for the professional or amateur golfer, it does!

There are more added benefits to playing the game of golf with a handheld GPS system. For instance, you can download and research any course before you arrive.

The ability to navigate correctly is the main feature of any GPS system, this also holds true for the game of golf.

When you use PDA GPS receiver you can always review your exact position on the greens. Not only can you find your location marks, but you can view it in full colored detail.

It’s really quite simple, all you need to do is hook up your hand held GPS receiver to your cell phone and you’re set to go. In fact, you can clip it to your belt or your wrist.

GPS golf systems stay with you as you play the game. This means that you can zoom in and out of your location for maximum detail in choosing your shots.

The best advantage is that you can get to know other courses like you’ve always been playing on them. Don’t let unexpected elements trip up your game any longer.


Now that you know all about the benefits and features of golf GPS receivers and handy PDA’s, let’s look at the best discounts and deals.

You don’t want to skimp on quality, but you do want to find the best prices online. With this guide to the top manufacturers in hand held GPS and golf software, you can’t go wrong.

Take a look at some of the most popular brand names for GPS receivers, including golf supplies: Garmin, Viper, LoJack, Extreme, Avital, Clifford, Python, Wasp, Valet, Hornet, @Road, Wherify Wireless, SnapTrack, Trimble, Mitac, Sony, Informer, PowerLOC, WebTech Wireless, CTi, and more.


Garmin Approach S62 Bundle, Premium Golf GPS WatchBest Deal

  • The Garmin S60 didn’t have much to complain about. Having detailed maps of every hole, the power to trace swing tempo, yardage adjustments for elevation changes, and many of other attributes made it the simplest golf GPS await the past several years.

SkyCaddie SX500, Handheld Golf GPS, BlackBest Offer

  • All great things if you’re serious about GPS tracking your progress and improving.
PriceRed Our Reveiw

Golf Buddy AIM V10 Golf LaserEconomic offer

  • These are often used if you don’t wish to wear a separate await golf or maybe in conjunction with a rangefinder to make sure your hitting the right club whenever .

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