Garmin Overlander Review, Rugged Multipurpose Navigator for Off-Grid Guidance

The Garmin Overlander is the latest addition to the Garmin lineup and was built with the goal of providing a sturdy and dependable GPS device. It was designed for all kinds of environments and conditions, even where it’s hard to get a signal. It comes equipped with several highly recommended features such as Bluetooth connectivity and a bright 5″ color back-lit display. More on that in the Garmin overlander review below!

Garmin Overlander Review

You love your car and you love the road, but sometimes even modern technology gets lost. Probably because there’s no service (or a way to charge your phone) available such as deep within the forest or out in the open seas. Well, it’s hard to be lost when you have a reliable GPS with you!

You see, there are several nowadays navigators out there but they often fail in rugged conditions or don’t offer what is needed for difficult situations. That’s why I find the Garmin Overlander GPS Navigator to be one of the most versatile devices out there. It’s designed from the grounds to withstand harsh weather and terrains, but that doesn’t mean it’s limited to those functions.

Garmin Overlander Review

It comes equipped with a bright 5″ display, a case-resistant touchscreen, and a sturdy design where all ports are within reach for easy access. It has an amazing battery life – 8 hours in normal conditions and up to a staggering 60 hours in power-saving mode. The Overlander also has a long list of outdoor features such as hunting, geocaching, marine, nautical charts and so much more. There’s even a Bluetooth feature for when you want to sync it with your smartphone or other devices!

Garmin Overlander, Rugged Multipurpose

Garmin Overlander
  • 7” color touchscreen Features turn-by-turn directions for on-road navigation
  • Use the Garmin explore the app to download additional
  • Preloaded with overlander points of interest (POIs)
  • Routing is based on height, weight


The Overlander’s tough and rugged design is hands down its most appreciated feature as it can be used during outdoor expeditions; military, hunting and camping trips, fishing activities, and even by the seaside. The device provides an 8-hour battery life which can be extended up to 60 hours if you use power-saving mode (it dims display brightness, and shuts down WLAN and Bluetooth).

The device features a 5″ touchscreen display with intuitive icon-based menus and an integrated hot shoe (camera accessory sold separately) that allows you to use Garmin’s VIRB action camera for capturing quality footage or pictures. The Overlander is preloaded with marine charts (more than 3 million lakes, rivers, marinas, and coastlines), provides access to 11 million points of interest (POI), a 3D terrain view, and tracks your location in real-time.


The Overlander comes preloaded with maps that are already 2 years old. The device has no Bluetooth support. Additional features include Garmin EcoRoute™ for fuel savings, custom POIs (ability to add additional points of interest), and Garmin Lock™ anti-theft feature.

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