The Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT is a feature-packed GPS navigator that offers more than just navigation assistance. With its built-in dashcam and advanced safety features, it provides drivers with a comprehensive driving experience. In this review, we will delve into the key features and performance of the Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT, helping you make an informed decision about whether it’s the right device for your needs.

Garmin DriveAssist comes with the addition of a built-in dashcam. It carries advanced Driver Awareness features, lifetime map updates, and smart notifications too. All the usual affairs of navigational functions from Garmin are also present such as Lane Assist, Junction View, Speed Limit Indicator, and compatibility with backup camera.

Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT Specifications and Features

Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT

5.0 Inch GPS Navigator System

  • Physical dimensions: 5.5″W x 3.3″H x .8″D (1.0″, including camera) (14.0 x 8.4 x 2.1 cm (2.6 cm, including camera))
  • Display size, WxH : 4.4″W x 2.5″H (11.1 x 6.3 cm); 5.0″ diag (12.7 cm)
  • Display resolution, WxH: 480 x 272 pixels
  • Display Type: WQVGA color TFT with white backlight
  • Weight: 6.75 oz (191.4 g)
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Battery life: 30 minutes
  • High-sensitivity receiver: Yes
  • Maps & Memory: Preloaded street maps/Yes
  • Includes lifetime map updates: Yes
  • nüMaps Guarantee: Yes
  • Built-in memory: internal solid state

Dash Cam

Garmin provided a dashcam as a built-in feature of the DriveAssist 50LMT. The camera features include loop recording, a wide-angle lens, and of course, a GPS stamp to mark the time and location of any road incident recorded or captured. The lens also has a swivel design to allow for viewing adjustment.

The dashcam planted in DriveAssist 50LMT brings an accident detection G-sensor to recognize any sudden braking or sharp turn; when anything that potentially resembles incident-related circumstances, the camera saves the last recorded footage so it does not get overwritten in its loop-recording. A microSD is even included in the package.

You can play the video footage or view captured images directly on the navigator’s screen or on your computer using Garmin Dash Cam Player. However, it does not have a sound recording. This accessory is designed in such a way that you can remove it easily from the main unit, useful when you need to take a snapshot of incident evidence such as a broken headlight, dent hood, fallen-off mirrors, etc.

Thanks to the built-in camera, DriveAssist 50LMT provides warnings based on both driving maps and real-time road conditions. There are at least 4 important driving assistance features from the camera including:

  • Forward Collision Warning: on-screen and audible alerts anytime your car is too close to the vehicle ahead.
  • Lane Departure Warning: when swift to the illegal lane at 40mph or more, the navigator triggers an alert.
  • Go Alert: a notification to tell you that the red light turns green.
  • Real Vision: the device switches from a map view to a real view of the road when you’re reaching a destination.

Garmin DriveAssist Screen and Updates

DriveAssist 50LMT is not the biggest navigator indeed, but the 5-inch screen provides enough room to see every direction and notification clearly. The screen supports pinch-and-zoom operation, and a single tap opens Up Ahead display to see any upcoming POI along your routes such as ATMs, rest areas, gas stations, and more.

Maps of the United States and Canada along with several Caribbean Islands and most of Mexico are preloaded (North America Maps). Millions of POIs are available onboard as well. With every purchase of DriveAssist 50LMT, Garmin gives free lifetime map updates available up to 4 times a year. Garmin Traffic updates come free of charge, too. All traffic information is sent directly to the navigator without requiring network coverage. Updates may include possible delays, and detours, and confirm whether or not you are driving on the fastest route.


Smartphone Notifications

When connected to a compatible smartphone, DriveAssist 50LMT can bridge communication over phones. Because it has a microphone and speakers, you can have a hands-free conversation so your hands stay on the steering wheel and your eyes remain on the road all the time.

Bluetooth connectivity with the phone allows the navigator to display smartphone notifications on the 5-inch screen too. Texts, emails, calendar reminders, and incoming phone calls are displayed on the navigator’s screen. In addition, you can control the device by using spoken commands, so you can use the navigator even without touching it.

Driver Awareness

Apart from the camera-based alert system, DriveAssist 50LMT is equipped with a Driver Awareness feature to give you important heads-ups about upcoming road conditions based on information provided on the map. Some of the most useful alerts are for sharp curves, school zone, railroad crossings, speed camera locations, changes in the speed limit, and upcoming traffic congestion.

To make it even more complete, DriveAssist 50LMT is compatible with BC 30 wireless backup camera and Garmin babyCam (both are available from Garmin). A backup camera automatically feeds footage to the navigator’s screen anytime you engage in Reverse gear, allowing you to see all obstacles behind the car. Garmin babyCam is the first in-vehicle baby camera that feeds real-time footage of the backseat to the navigator’s display.

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Garmin DriveAssist Comparaison Table


Garmin DriveSmart 50 NA LMT GPS Navigator SystemBest Choice

  • GPS Navigator System with Lifetime Maps and Traffic, Smart Notifications, Voice Activation, and Driver Alerts

Garmin DriveSmart 60 NA LMT GPS Navigator SystemBest Budjet

  •  GPS Navigator System with Lifetime Maps and Traffic, Smart Notifications, Voice Activation, and Driver Alerts

Performance and User Experience

The Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT delivers reliable performance and a user-friendly experience. The GPS navigation is accurate, providing timely and clear directions. The dashcam captures high-quality video and the collision and lane departure warnings work effectively. The device’s interface is intuitive, making it easy to navigate through menus and settings. The touchscreen is responsive, ensuring quick and effortless interactions.

Pros and Cons of the Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT


  • Integrated dashcam for recording drives and capturing incidents
  • Advanced safety features, including collision and lane departure warnings
  • Lifetime map and traffic updates keep the device up-to-date
  • Voice-activated navigation for hands-free operation
  • User-friendly interface and responsive touchscreen


  • The size of the device may obstruct visibility when mounted on the windshield
  • The dashcam’s field of view is limited compared to standalone dashcams


The Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT is a versatile GPS navigator that offers more than just navigation assistance. With its integrated dashcam and advanced safety features, it provides drivers with an enhanced driving experience. The device delivers reliable performance, accurate navigation, and a user-friendly interface. While it may have some limitations in terms of size and dashcam field of view, the overall features and performance make it a valuable companion for any driver. Consider the Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT if you’re looking for a comprehensive GPS navigator with added safety features.