Review of the Dual Electronics XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS

Our Verdict on The Dual Electronics XGPS150:

Whether you’re into aircraft, automotive, or marine navigation, golfing, geocaching, hiking, or biking, the Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver can wirelessly add extremely accurate GPS to your smartphone.

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The Good

  • It includes an instructional handbook for simple usage.
  • The integrated Bluetooth allows for high-speed wireless data transmission.
  • Outfitted with cushioning that won’t slide about and adheres firmly to any surface.
  • Large Scale Augmentation
  • The Bluetooth-based GPS add-on wirelessly
  • A power source that lasts a long time

The Bad

  • Average durability is a concern, although it’s not a deal breaker.

The Dual Electronics XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS Review: The Release Date and Price

On December 14th, 2011, Dual Electronics released the XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS. Online retailers like Amazon and eBay are now selling it for $99.99.

Dual Electronics XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS Review: Features and what’s new

Whether you’re into aircraft, automotive, or marine navigation, golfing, geocaching, hiking, or biking, the Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver can wirelessly add extremely accurate GPS to your smartphone.

Once the GPS receiver is associated with your smartphone, it will deliver accurate GPS location data to thousands of apps. As long as the XGPS150A is within range of the associated device, it will automatically reconnect with it.

There’s a handy GPS Status Tool app included with the GPS receiver. (Get it for nothing in the iTunes and Google Play stores). The software is a simple utility program designed to work in tandem with a GPS receiver. The GPS data is shown in great detail via the app. It will display your current position (or indicate that it is still trying to locate you).

The GPS Receiver’s battery life, signal strength, whether or not it is charging, and the number of satellites it can view are all kept up to date.

To prevent the GPS Receiver from sliding about in the cockpit, vehicle, or boat, it comes with a non-slip pad. The adhesive pad is safe on almost any surface, including glass windows and walls. If correctly positioned in the non-slip cushion, the Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver will be protected from mild splashes but is not waterproof.

The receiver may be worn on a two-piece armband when going on a run, cycling, hiking, or geocaching. Put the GPS receiver on a backpack strap, bike handlebar, or other similar object using the wristband without the extension.

The Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver from Dual Electronics (XGPS150) is intuitive and easy to use. With the XGPS150, you can add GPS to your Bluetooth-enabled iPod touch, iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, smartphone, tablet, or laptop in a matter of seconds. The GPS receiver is easy to connect and useful in many situations. It works well for driving and sailing, as well as for GPS tracking, golfing, cycling, jogging, and other forms of exercise, geocaching, discovering what’s close by, and social networking. The receiver is lightweight, compact, and has a secure dashboard attachment.

The GPS Status Tool is a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store or the Android Market, and it gives you accurate GPS coordinates in real-time, as well as the rate of change of your position. There are already hundreds of compatible apps for the XGPS150A, covering many uses from automobile, marine, and aerial navigation to hiking, fitness, social networking, and beyond.

They made sure your XGPS150A has enough battery life to last 8.5 hours of continuous usage, and it just takes 2.5 hours to recharge completely. All included are a USB cable for charging, an adjustable strap, a vehicle adapter that works from 12 to 30 volts, and a pad that sticks firmly to practically any surface.

Wirelessly add GPS through Bluetooth—you can greatly boost your GPS signal on any device with a Bluetooth connection in a few seconds.

The GPS Status Tool is a free, downloadable app that displays accurate GPS coordinates, allows for variable position update rates, and is compatible with various devices and operating systems, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and dozens upon dozens of other programs. Using precise GPS on your device opens up a world of possibilities, from car, boat, and airplane navigation to hiking, fitness, social networking, and beyond.

Battery Capacity and Contents – You are allowed to make continuous use of your GPS receiver for 8+ hours. It also includes a USB cord for charging purposes, an adjustable strap, a car charger that operates from 12 to 28 volts, and a non-slip pad that adheres firmly to most surfaces.

Dual Electronics XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS


  • The product’s measurements are 4.13 x 6 x 2.13 inches and weigh 1.76 ounces.
  • Specification: 1 Lithium-ion battery, model number XGPS150A.
  • It is no longer manufactured.
  •  Available Connectivity Technologies-Wireless Technology (Bluetooth/USB)
  • Differences in the screen’s presentation -Cordless; Black; Color
  • The manufacturer of the included components is Dual Electronics, which makes the XGPS150A.
  • China is the country of origin.
  • Access to this resource began on December 14th, 2011.
  • Trademark: -Dual Electronics

Dual Electronics XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS Review: Overall Design

The Dual Electronics XGPS150A is a lightweight and portable universal Bluetooth GPS receiver that boasts pinpoint accuracy, a wide-area augmentation system, and a host of other useful features.

Your smartphone’s GPS coordinates are precise to within 2.5 meters, at a maximum speed of 1,150KM/HR, and 59,000 feet altitude, thanks to your smartphone’s sensitive Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). Connecting your XGPS150A model wirelessly through Bluetooth allows you to instantly add extremely precise GPS tracking to any of your devices.

It can connect with almost any iOS device using Bluetooth wireless, has its own rechargeable battery, and is priced competitively. Therefore, it’s a better buy than the competing options we’ve examined. However, potential buyers should be mindful of its restrictions.

The XGPS150 is a square, rounded box about 2.2 inches wide and has a central bulge of 0.5 inches to 0.7 inches in thickness, making it look a lot like the original U2 iPods. The unit’s front is dominated by a red swirling metal circle with four icons or words at its cardinal positions: north is Bluetooth, west is a battery indicator, east is a GPS signal indicator, and south is power.

It is lightweight and composed mostly of matte black plastic. You can switch the XGPS150 on or off by pressing and holding the bottom of the circle; there are no hidden buttons on the device. The XGPS150 may be switched between iOS and non-iOS device pairing modes through a small switch housed in a mini-USB connection compartment just below the power button. Please turn it on, connect it to your device, and repeat as necessary. That’s all.

Dual Electronics XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS Review: Performance and Efficiency

With the Dual Electronics XGPS150A Bluetooth GPS Receiver, you can expand your coverage across a large geographical region. You can mount the XGPS150A on your dashboard or take it wherever you go. This top-rated setup lets you receive signals from many satellites at once. Using this Bluetooth GPS receiver, you’ll have access to improved precision and reliability in your location reporting. It can operate nonstop for 8.5 hours on a 2.5-hour charge.

The precision of GPS is guaranteed to be within 2.5 meters. GPS, which is offered in both black and white, is a Bluetooth-enabled navigation system that provides instantaneous results. The XGPS150A is also superior to other devices in terms of altitude since it can be utilized at altitudes as high as 59,000 feet.

As a GPS receiver, the external unit is compatible with the iPad and gives you access to hundreds of useful apps. The built-in battery may be charged using the automobile charger included with the Dual Electronics Bluetooth GPS Receiver.

The Dual XGPS150A provides GPS functionality for iOS devices like the iPad/iPod touch/iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones and tablets, and Windows and OS X/Linux computers. The XGPS150 is a great option for families with several mobile devices that want to share a single GPS device. Electronic flight bag programs like EFB, ForeFlight, WingX Pro, and many more are compatible with the Dual XGPS150.

Use of the Dual XGPS150 requires nothing in the way of instruction. Once linked, the Dual GPS Receiver will stay connected to the last device it was used with, allowing you to utilize it with any of the many applications that rely on precise position data. The XGPS150 also has a free companion software called GPS Status Tool that can be downloaded from the iTunes store and provides essential information like your current position, the number of satellites with which you are in contact, the remaining battery life, and more.

The XGPS150 has a rubberized base that won’t slide about in your automobile, boat, or aircraft. The Dual GPS comes with a two-piece armband so that you may wear it comfortably when hiking, geocaching, running, cycling, or any other outdoor activity.

Apple’s iPhone and iPad (3G) have built-in GPS receivers, although they were designed with ground usage in mind and perform poorly in the air. The inbuilt GPS will fail to work at random times during the flight. The Dual XGPS150 is an airborne and ground-based GPS receiver that is both highly dependable and accurate, thanks to the inclusion of the Wide Area Augmentation System.

Where to buy

The Dual Electronics XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS is still available for $99.99 from many internet retailers, including Amazon, eBay, and others.

You may make a direct purchase from the Dual website. Any purchases made directly from Dual are restricted to domestic delivery inside the United States. You may also find authorized resellers who sell and purchase it from them.


In conclusion, the XGPS150AA improves upon the widely used XGPS150A by providing a 12-30VDC adapter for easier installation in a car, boat, or plane. The XGPS150A is a wireless GPS receiver that works with various mobile devices. Since it employs this standard, the XGPS is compatible with mobile devices that run a navigation app and support the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP).

The XGPS150A’s user interface is intuitive. Pairing your smartphone with the receiver is an easy part of the rapid setup procedure. As soon as this is done, the receiver will reconnect with the previous device, allowing you to access your location in many applications.

Dual Electronics XGPS150A 

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